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Spiced Beetroot Finishing Vinegar Impresses Sydney Judges at Fine Food Awards

If the first thing you imagine when you think of beetroot is sinking your teeth into a juicy beachside burger, think again. Sydney gourmet food producer Nicholson Fine Foods just picked up some new medals and ribbons at the 2015 Royal Fine Food Awards for their Euro Style Spiced Beetroot Finishing Vinegar.

The product was awarded:

  • Gold Medal – Vinegar Category
  • Australian Regional Food Champion 2015
  • Australian Savoury Food Champion 2015

Even before this year’s awards, this product had won five other Australian Champion trophies and nine other Gold medals, including one from a London Fine Food Show.

The Euro style Spiced Beetroot Finishing Vinegar can be served in sweet and savoury dishes and in fact, the Nicholson Fine Foods test kitchen has turned out an incredible recipe for a high end, glorious dish.

Contact the company for their recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream with a Black Pepper Parmesan Crisp and Euro Style Spiced Beetroot Finishing Vinegar or for Avocado with Cashew and Parmesan Crust. There are also many other product and recipe videos at their website.

Packaged in unbreakable PET bottles for foodservice, Euro Style Spiced Beetroot Finishing Vinegar will quickly become a favourite ingredient in restaurant kitchens. Its beautiful retail bottles with colourful labels make for eye-catching displays in store.

How to use:

  • Splash on to or pour over hot or cold dishes including meats, salads, pasta or rice dishes.
  • Deglaze a pan.
  • Add depth of flavour to a sauce.
  • Add to a marinade or basting liquid.

The beetroots used by Nicholson Fine Foods come from local growers in the Clarence Valley, Northern NSW. Managing Director Peter Nicholson insists that being able to source produce locally is vital for consistency of quality control.

“It’s important we have the beets exactly the right size and that they are picked when the shoots are still fresh,” he said. He explained that a lot of beetroots people see in supermarkets have been left under the ground for too long and are already dying off when picked.

Fortunately for Nicholson Fine Foods customers, only prime produce goes into their products. The company also won a Gold medal in the Savoury Sauces, Mayonnaise & Pickled Products category for their Pickled Cherries, and a Bronze medal in the Vinegar category for their Spiced Raspberry Finishing Vinegar.

To find out more about the exciting range of gourmet products on offer at Nicholson Fine Foods, or to place your first order, contact them using the details below.

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