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Bondi Chai

Australia's most awarded chai latte is also one of Australia’s most popular

Every 2 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, orders a Bondi Chai Latte. Are you offering Australia’s most awarded chai latte?

Sometimes a lovely, spicy, milk drink is just what the tastebuds ordered. That’s when Bondi Chai needs to be on your beverages menu! It adds something a little different and vibrant to your menu and when you provide more choice you guarantee extra dollars in your till. Bondi Chai gives your customers a great option that’s very different to the usual offerings.

Created, blended and wholly-owned in Australia, Bondi Chai Latte is a premium-grade chai latte pre-mix made from quality black tea extract, spices, honey powder and skim milk powder. It’s low fat and when made with skim milk, is 98% fat free!

Why chai latte?

Consumers’ palates become jaded very quickly so you always need to be ready with something new and exciting. Also, chai latte makes an excellent choice for afternoon and evening beverages when people are looking to avoid caffeine. In fact, sometimes, customers choose Bondi Chai when they’re planning to not have dessert, but want something to finish off their meal. Make it an occasion by garnishing with a little of powder or vanilla sugar and serve it in a beautiful cup or mug.

Three very special products

Bondi Chai is made entirely from wholesome, natural ingredients – no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no whiteners or anti-caking agents, no industrial trans-fatty acids. It’s also 98% fat-free, low in caffeine and certified gluten free. And when the weather warms up, Bondi Chai is equally at home in a fruit smoothie, a frappe or over ice. Gourmet food editors have deemed it “the holy grail of chai lattes” and Bondi Chai deserves its rightful place on your beverages menu. As for retailers, don’t be caught short when your chai-loving customers come in asking for it by name.

Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey

A warm cup of comfort every time; think of it as ‘entry-level chai! Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey is a creamy tea latte powder that transforms instantly into a creamy, indulgent beverage with the simple addition of steamed milk. Available in 100-serve, 1kg packs or a smaller 200g pack. It is also available in 40-sachet and 100-sachet packs for retailers.

Bondi Chai Club Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known as the ‘spice of life’ and is the all-time favourite spice for many people. It just makes you feel good! Bondi Chai Club Cinnamon carefully balances this powerful spice with a blend of other ‘comfort’ spices to create a wonderful feel-good drink. Available in 100-serve, 1kg packs or a smaller 200g pack. It is also available in 40-sachet packs for retailers.

NEW!! Bondi Chai Ginger n Spice Chai

New to the award-winning family of chai latte blends, Bondi Chai's Ginger n Spice chai latte blend is dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly. The spiciest blend of the lot, it’s got a pleasant little kick that will warm you from the inside out and put a smile on your face. And just like Vanilla Honey and Club Cinnamon, it contains no industrial nasties. Enjoy it with dairy milk if you like, or a plant-based milk for the most wonderful vegan beverage you’ve had in a long, long time! Available in 500g packs, it makes 50 drinks per pack.

Now certified Kosher!

All of Bondi Chai’s products are now certified Kosher, including their Nespresso-compatible capsules. That means you can offer delicious Vanilla Honey and Club Cinnamon Bondi Chai to your customers whose dietary requirements demand this important certification.

Multiple award winner

Bondi Chai is the only product of its kind to boast five Fine Food Gold Medals! After more than 12 years and numerous accolades, Bondi Chai is sold in thousands of cafes around Australia and around the world and we regularly receive comments like these…

“…we have a few people hooked on the chai cinnamon now.  I can see why it's award winning. Really appreciate your assistance and this is definitely our preferred brand.” - Cheers Kate, Bella Vista, NSW.

“I received my order… I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your chai. I'm not a particular chai fan but I loved it! I can see why you have received all those awards. Great product well done :)” - Sarah, Tooradin, Vic.

“I am continually being told by my customers they only want Bondi Chai, as it is the best." - Grant, Launceston.

"…I have just ordered the vanilla honey chai from you after purchasing your cinnamon chai with the Australia Day special.  I love the fact that your product is low sugar yet tastes great. Thanks.” - Anita, Wagga Wagga.

The Aussie company selling chai latte to India!

We can’t imagine a more resounding endorsement for Bondi Chai than sales into India – the traditional home of ‘chai masala’ which is the foundation recipe for every ‘chai latte’ in the western world. Bondi Chai is a powdered chai latte pre-mix that is easy to store, easy to make and delivers exceptional, consistent results.

  • Blended specifically to dissolve in hot milk
  • 100 serves in a 1kg pack
  • Also available in individual sachets and 200g packs
  • 2 flavours – Vanilla Honey and Club Cinnamon
  • The lowest-cost, highest-yielding chai latte available
  • A milk-soluble powder, Bondi Chai is extremely fast and easy to make
  • Reliable, consistent results
  • Great taste that instantly becomes a favourite
  • Silky-smooth creaminess that chai drinkers crave
  • Most awarded product in its category
  • The chai latte that’s even sold in the traditional home of chai… India!
  • The only chai latte endorsed by nutritionists for sale in school canteens


Stock Bondi Chai in your tea section where your tea-loving customers will see it and be intrigued. You might even like to offer taste tests to tempt them. Maybe keep a couple of boxes at point of sale so that when someone asks, you can be ready with a free sachet for them to take home and try. Keep plenty of stocks of both flavours on hand in your supermarket, convenience store, petrol station, kiosk, delicatessen or greengrocers.


As a tea alternative, Bondi Chai is the obvious choice. Easy to make, with great profit margins and addictive flavours, it’s virtually guaranteed to boost your beverage sales. Dream up cold versions of chai lattes and try adding Bondi Chai to smoothies, milkshakes and frappes. Serve Bondi Chai in your café, restaurant, hotel, tuckshop or canteen.

Contact Bondi Chai today for your samples or to place an order.

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Why Bondi Chai is the best.

Bondi Chai - Australia's Gold Medal chai latte

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