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Stott's Delicacies of Queensland

Stott's Delicacies of Queensland
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Phone 07 3245 6345
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Service Area Australia Wide

Stott's Delicacies of Queensland

Wholesale Sauces and Dressings

Stott’s Delicacies is behind a line of luscious wholesale sauces and dressings that are produced using fine local ingredients including Queensland ginger, macadamias, mangoes and roasted garlic.

The company’s recipes are tried and tested and have remained the same for over 30 years. Fans of the brand wouldn’t be without their favourite Stott’s Steak Sauce, Blue Cheese Dressing or Mango, Lime & Chilli Dressing.

Capturing the quintessential Australian lifestyle of relaxed living and casual dining, Stott’s Delicacies make the perfect gift for foodie friends and are wonderful to keep in the pantry as day to day staples.

Stott's Delicacies Classic Sauces

Although these sauces are quite traditional, they are also incredibly versatile and when used creatively, can add new twists to old favourites.

  • Hollandaise Sauce
    Hollandaise sauce is traditionally enjoyed with poached eggs and toast. This creamy sauce is also tantalising with grilled tuna or lobster. Enjoy with beef tornadoes, cold ham, chicken and asparagus, eggs, leeks and mushrooms.
  • Bearnaise Sauce
    This herbed creamy sauce is the perfect accompaniment for salmon, bass or barramundi. Try a dab with crab, scallops, or fish cakes. This sauce is a delight mixed through pasta, and a revelation poured over eggplant or steamed broccoli, and surprisingly enjoyable with roast pork and roast duck.
  • Blue Cheese Dressing
    A versatile creamy dressing which will enhance a variety of garden salads and cold meats. Can be mixed in to a potato salad or rice salad. Lovely with deep fried calamari, baked cod and fried chicken.
  • Caesar Dressing with Parmesan & Roast Garlic
    The perfect dip for seafood or served with bacon and cheese dishes. Try with avocado, salad, and chips. This sauce is tasty mixed through pasta, and noodles.

Stott's Delicacies Savoury Sauces

A splash here, a pour there and you have instant flavour elevation! Don’t be without a bottle of your favourite Stott’s Savoury Sauce, for any occasion.

  • Mango Chilli Sauce
    This sauce is a tangy combination of plump, juicy mangoes and traditional Asian spices. Add to schnitzels, spring rolls, and many other savoury dishes.
  • Spicy Steak Sauce
    Brimming with juicy fruits and tangy spices, this exotic sauce is deliciously versatile. Use it to marinade spare ribs, in casseroles, on steak, and dolloped over pies and sausages.

Stott's Delicacies Dressings

Explore different ways of dressing vegetables, pasta, rice and meat dishes by infusing them with the fresh, lively flavours of Stott’s Dressings. Add as much or as little as you like and you’ll soon find yourself wanting to use them on everything!

  • Avocado Dressing
    This tropical spicy dressing is delightful on all manner of fresh salads, as well as complementing fish and chicken. It is magnificent over fresh avocado and delicious with cheese and biscuits.
  • Macadamia Dressing
    This dressing adds a creamy, nutty presence to salads and cold meats and is exceptionally tasty in chicken or turkey sandwiches. Simmer in fish or chicken dishes or mix into a rice salad.
  • Mango Mustard Dressing
    Mix into tomato and cucumber salad, or pour over steaks, pork chops or schnitzels. Combine into cheese and rice dishes.
  • Mango, Lime & Chilli Dressing
    Fresh, zingy and fruity, this dressing complements most salads and is particularly delicious used over meat in the slow cooker or barbecue.
  • Lemon Myrtle & Ginger Dressing
    These two outstanding ingredients combine beautifully to create a dressing that complements most salads. It is also lovely over barbecued fish, chicken and pork. 

Stott's Delicacies Dessert Sauces

Not your average dessert sauces, Stott’s have taken premium local ingredients and turned them into lush, indulgent, liquid fantasy.

  • Chocolate Macadamia sauce
    This lovely rich chocolate sauce with the taste of macadamia nuts is ideal with all manner of traditional and ‘nouveau’ desserts.
  • Mango and Lemon Myrtle Fruit Sauce
    Crammed with juicy mangoes, this superb and versatile sauce is ideal over desserts and milkshakes. Brilliant also for stir fries and basting roasts, especially ham. 


Stock Stott’s Delicacies in your supermarket, greengrocers, delicatessen, food hall, convenience store or gift store and introduce your customers to bottles and jars of sunshine, made with premium, locally-sourced Queensland ingredients. There are flavours to suit all tastes and every product is wonderfully versatile to work with sweet and savoury dishes.


A splash here and a pour there of Stott’s exquisite sauces and dressings and every dish you turn out will have your customers wondering why it’s so special. Count on consistency as well as magical flavours and get creative with the endless ways you can enhance even the most ordinary fare.

To place an order or to discuss your specific requirements, contact Stott’s Delicacies today.

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