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TRUFF Truffle-Infused Pantry Staples

TRUFF Truffle-Infused Pantry Staples
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Hot sauce lovers unite! TRUFF is in town and it’s making waves. This premium brand of wholesale truffle-infused hot sauces, pasta sauces and olive oil will bring a smile to the faces of your heat-loving customers. Discover how the brand came about and why it’s so thrilling to Aussie palates.

FFW: Who is behind the TRUFF brand?

TRUFF: The brand is born out of the USA. It was started by a couple of guys whose dream it was to bring a product to market that would revolutionise a category, as well as creating a digital brand success story with unrivalled content.

FFW: What makes your truffle infused sauces so special?

TRUFF: The original Hot Sauce was first to market and is truly a unique balance of heat and sweet using the highest quality ingredients. The philosophy of uncompromised quality ingredients and challenging the status quo has transferred into other categories with phenomenal results. 

FFW: What would you say is TRUFF’s positioning?

TRUFF: We are a premium brand, we are usually the most expensive on shelf, however, customers have truly adopted our quality/value proposition. Our packaging is iconic and we are an aspirational category leader.

FFW: What’s unique about the ingredients you use?

TRUFF: The best and cleanest we can source from around the globe.

FFW: Are your products all gluten free?

TRUFF: Hot Sauces and Oil are gluten free. The Pasta Sauces are not.

FFW: Are they vegan-friendly?

TRUFF: The whole range is vegan-friendly – Hot Sauces, Pasta Sauces and Oil.

FFW: What quality values do you adhere to?

TRUFF: Uncompromising, quality ingredients, over-deliver on flavour.

FFW: How are consumers using your truffle-infused hot sauces?

TRUFF: The Hot Sauces are incredibly versatile. They can be used on Mac & Cheese, they’re crazy on eggs, elevate that steak, are supreme on chicken and take vegetables to another level.

FFW: How do you recommend consumers enjoy your truffle-infused pasta sauces?

TRUFF: Like the Hot Sauces, very versatile. They can be used as a dipping sauce, on the base of a pizza, take parmis to another level and of course, stirred through pasta – no other ingredients are required!

FFW: Do you supply all your products nationwide?

TRUFF: Yes, all products in the range are shipped out of our warehouse in Banksmeadow, NSW.

FFW: What are the most compelling virtues of your brand?

TRUFF: No preservatives, high quality ingredients, category builders, category benchmark in terms of delivering flavour, taste and versatility.

FFW: How does TRUFF look after customers?

TRUFF: We pride ourselves on speed of service and responsiveness to partner needs. We connect our marketing team to customers’ marketing departments to ensure we drive traffic to your store as a stockist.

FFW: What kinds of retailers are stocking your products?

TRUFF: TRUFF is the No. 1 performing gourmet brand in David Jones and has been since December 2020. We have our greatest success in specialty butchers, specialty grocers, gift stores and lifestyle and fashion stores.

FFW: Are you able to supply bulk quantities to food wholesalers?

TRUFF: We can supply one carton to full pallets nationally.

FFW: What lies ahead for TRUFF; any new developments, awards or exciting new customers?

TRUFF: We continue to grow our stockist network in Australia and New Zealand. We will continue to introduce new products into the market and provide content to excite the market while investing in paid advertising to continue to grow brand awareness with consumers and ensure our stockists have customers asking for the TRUFF brand, wherever they may be.

FFW: As a boutique food producer, do you happen to admire any other small producers that you can name here?

TRUFF: We admire brands throughout the world that focus on high quality ingredients and find new ways to excite consumers through interactive relatable content.

FFW: Who would you love to have as a brand ambassador, perhaps ‘the face of TRUFF’?

TRUFF: Everyone that has tried TRUFF is an ambassador, that is how confident we are of our brand. Word of mouth and referrals are our greatest marketing assets.

Excite your customers by introducing the TRUFF range to your store or foodservice outlet. Get in touch with TRUFF today.

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