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Wholesale Dairy and Yoghurt Suppliers

An Australian directory of the finest dairy and yoghurt suppliers, dairy and yoghurt distributors and dairy and yoghurt wholesalers. Get gourmet and organic wholesale dairy and yoghurt from leading dairy and yoghurt suppliers. It could be milk from cows, sheep, goats or even camels. Browse through Fine Food Wholesalers for new and interesting wholesale dairy suppliers.

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Camel Milk NSW

Camel Milk NSW (formerly Muswellbrook Camel Milk) proudly offers their humanely produced, pasteurised camel milk. Loaded with health benefits and with a unique flavour, camel milk is gaining favour in Australia as consumers look to alternatives to highly industrialised cows' milk.

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Brancourts Yoghurt

Brancourts manufactures, wholesales and distributes a range of high quality wholesale yoghurts, cheeses and dairy products both domestically and internationally. Brancourts Premium Dessert Style Yoghurt and Brancourts Greek Style Natural Yoghurt are supplied to supermarket chains and the food service industry in addition to the independent trade and industrial sector.

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Camilk Dairy

Camilk is fresh, 100% natural camels' milk from healthy, lovingly raised camels. Superior to cows' milk in that it is lower in fat and higher in Vitamin C, Camilk has developed the flavour to be surprisingly pleasant. Available in pasteurised liquid and powder forms.

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Eat Gourmet

Eat Gourmet's Moosa All Natural and Eat Gourmet yoghurts are multi award winning niche products. They are available in a range of delectable and unusual flavours and have a vibrant personality. Made on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, they're virtually packed with sunshine as well as quality ingredients.

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Fleurieu Milk & Yoghurt Company

Fleurieu Milk Company produces milk and dairy products that taste the way they used to! Satisfying growing consumer demand for high quality, permeate-free dairy, their herds of Fresian Holstein and Jersey cows are raised with love and care, and the results are proof of their wonderful treatment. The company produces fresh milk, flavoured milks, pouring cream and yoghurt.

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