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Bottled Alkaline Spring Water

ALKA POWER Australia’s No.1 alkaline spring water, 100% natural, bottled at the source in the pristine Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

ALKA POWER’s uses uniquely sourced active marine minerals to raise the high pH9-10 naturally to the highest and most stable alkalinity in the market. The minerals further enrich the spring water with natural electrolytes providing faster, longer-lasting hydration with a clean, crisp refreshing taste unlike any other alkaline water. 

Drink Pink campaign

ALKA POWER has been the official Water Partner for the National Breast Cancer Foundation since 2019 and will continue this invaluable relationship every June and October for many years to come. To this day Alka Power has raised over $120,000.00 for cutting edge breast cancer research.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water that has a comparatively high pH level. For optimum health, our bodies need to be slightly alkaline and our wellbeing is directly related to how alkaline our diet is. An alkaline diet promotes overall better health, oxygenates the blood and promotes higher energy levels.

Today's busy lifestyles increase the body's exposure to high levels of acid accumulation. External stressors, as well as high consumption of meats, dairy, sugars, alcohol and processed foods all increase acid levels in the body. Science has proven that highly acidic systems are more prone to inflammation, disease and illness. Water is a simply delivery system to provide an alkaline balance to an acidic system. Specifically, Alka Power contains bioavailable minerals that are active on a cellular level to improve health and enhance hydration. Alka Power's uniquely high and stable pH comes courtesy of filtered ocean-sourced minerals.

Alka Power is the only naturally raised High pH 9-10 alkaline spring water on the Australian market.

The ALKA POWER difference

  • 100% natural, Australian owned and operated
  • Unique clean, crisp refreshing taste
  • National and regional distribution network across Australia
  • National alkaline category leader since 2015
  • A stable High pH level between 9-10 which is nearly 100 times greater than any other natural alkaline spring water
  • Infused and enriched with ethically sourced marine minerals that activate stable alkalinity
  • Highest naturally raised alkaline water on the market..

Everyday Hydration for active people

Two convenient sizes

ALKA POWER bottles are produced in-house and are BPA, BPF and BPS free, ensuring a sustainable footprint across the supply chain. Two convenient sizes are:

  • 600ml Everyday Hydration - a convenient grab-and-go, slimline premium Boston 38mm neck design makes it easy to hold and drink.
  • 1.5L Everyday Hydration - designed as an economical size thirst quencher which you can still store in the fridge.


Stock ALKA POWER in your supermarket, convenience store, gym, fitness studio, wellness retreat, pharmacy, newsagent or other retail outlet where consumers purchase grab-n-go drinks. Tout the benefits of  a quality alkaline spring water to your PT clients, naturopathy patients and day spa guests. 


Having ALKA POWER in your fridges provides a great option for health-conscious consumers. You can serve it at the table in your restaurant or offer it for purchase in your café, bar or pub. You could even add it your hotel mini bar or hostel vending machine and most of all, you will be supporting an Australian business. 

For more information or to place an initial order, contact ALKA POWER today.

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