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Fressko Flasks and Reusable Coffee Cups

Fressko Flasks and Reusable Coffee Cups
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Service Area Australia Wide
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Fressko Flasks and Reusable Coffee Cups

Fressko Brew-As-You-Go Glass & Stainless Steel Flasks

Convenience meets style in Fressko’s outstanding range of conscientious flasks that allow you to enjoy hot or cold beverages on the go, without any of the nasties that come with plastics (even if they do claim to be safe for food and beverage contents). Fressko is fiercely proud of their green credentials and also of their top quality, ultimate food-and-beverage-safe composition. There’s nothing like drinking out of clear, pure glass. There is no flavour compromise, no chemical contamination and each flask is infinitely reusable so you can keep it and enjoy it for a long, long time.

Glass is the safest, most natural and tasteful way to store and consume liquids. Fressko have made it simple for consumers to enjoy their favourite beverage safely and with a definite emphasis on style. The flasks are aesthetically very pleasing. Their double wall construction ensures the contents stay hot (yet still remain cool to the touch) or chilled for hours. And the attractive leak-proof lid is made out of highly sustainable bamboo.

Each Flask includes:

  • Fressko Flask (varying sizes)
  • Fressko 2-in1 ‘Infuse’ Filter
  • Welcome Note

How to use Fressko’s 2-IN-1 ‘Infuse’:

Fressko for FRUIT - WATER

Simply remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, unscrew the bottom component, add desired fresh fruits,herbs and/or vegetables, lock the Short “Infuse” Filter component back into place and let water soak up nutrients.

Fressko Flasks for TEA

The use of the 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter allows any tea drinker to manually control the strength of their tea to desired taste. Pop out the filter, unscrew the two components, add fresh tea leaves or tea bag, screw filter back into place, insert back into bottle, add boiling water and let the Fressko Flask do the rest. Can also be used for refreshing iced-tea.

Cafe Collection

The 12oz Camino reusable coffee cup ticks all the boxes which will keep you and the barista happy. 

Ergonomic spout design
Internal measurements ( 6,8,10,12oz )
Fits under machine spout
Fits in standard cup holders
Scratch-resistant outer
Vacuum sealed to retain heat for up to 3 hours
Spill-proof, click lock lid 
Available in 2 colours, black and white. 
Stainless steel inner. 
Slip resistant base. 
BPA Free



Colour Collection

The Colour Collection range of vacuum sealed tea and fruit infuser bottles will keep your brew hot for 6 hours and cold for at least 12. For tea, coffee, fruit infusing or smoothies. Comes with the unique Fressko 2 in 1 Infuser. 

Scratch resistant outer. 
Slip resistant base. 
Stainless steel inner.
Leak proof lid. 
Available in 6 colours. 
BPA Free 


FLOSS 500ml 
DENIM 500ml
COAL 500ml
SNOW 500ml
LAGOON 500ml 
CLAY 500ml 

Original Series 

The Original Series glass and bamboo range of vacuum sealed infuser bottles are perfect for tea, coffee, fruit infusing or smoothies. 
The glass range comes with the unique 2 in 1 Fressko infuser and the bamboo style comes with the single short infuser. 
Made with high quality double walled borosilicate glass and a leakproof bamboo lid - this style is available in 3 sizes and stays hot for up to 4 hours. 
The durable bamboo range comes in 2 sizes, is bamboo coated stainless steel with a leak proof lid and the Fressko short infuser filter. These flasks will stay hot for up to 8 hours. 


RISE 300ml
TOUR 400ml
LIFT 500ml 


Fressko’s stylish and proud flask range is beautifully bundled in attractive, protective cylinders for retail sale. The product is an upmarket offering that will be eagerly embraced by customers of gourmet food stores, health retailers, tea speciality retailers, greengrocers, ‘green’ product stores, personal training studios, wellness retreats and day spas.

Corporate branding

Consider giving Fressko Flasks to clients or staff. The company offers a branding solution tailored to suit your business’s needs. This is a clever idea to promote your fitness studio, wellness retreat, tea brand or similar type of organisation.

To discuss your requirements or to place your first order for these gorgeous, convenient and practical flasks, contact Fressko today.

More information about Fressko Flasks and Reusable Coffee Cups

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Innovation is a wonderful thing, especially when it makes life easier, contributes to a healthier planet and healthier consumers and is gorgeous to look at and use! We spoke with the Melbourne manufacturer of a brilliant new beverage container – the Fressko Flask – that is sure to keep us all as hydrated as we should be … and look good doing it! Click here

Video - How to Fressko

Ever wondered how to use a tea infuser? Use the Fressko 2 in 1 Infuser filter to brew tea & create detox waters.

The Original Fressko Flasks

The Original Fressko Collection

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