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Gourmet Granny's

Gourmet Sauces and Gravy Mixes

The Gourmet Granny’s brand came about in the 1970’s with the sole focus of bringing back flavour to the convenience of premix gravy and sauces. The company was all too familiar with supermarket gravy powders’ and cheap sauces both with very bland flavour profiles. They set about developing a commercially viable product based on quality ingredients. Today, decades later, more than 800 butcher shops, Independent Supermarkets, and specialty retailers stock Gourmet Granny’s and customers are delighted!

Gourmet Granny’s makes it easy to add that wonderful finishing touch to steak, roast meats, casseroles and stroganoff mixes, pies, chips, vegetables and sandwiches. It’s simply a matter of mixing the sachet powder with water, bring to the boil and simmer… no need to deglaze pans, adjust seasonings or watch over a pot for ages. For traditional recipes and homemade flavour, it has to be Gourmet Granny’s sauces and gravy mixes.

The Gourmet Granny’s Range

In every magical sachet, you’ll find the secret to winning over family members and guests at lunch or dinner. You won’t believe this much flavour comes out of a sachet.

  • Chicken Gravy Mix 25g – A delicious, old fashioned, light brown gravy that pairs perfectly with fried or roasted chicken, turkey or pork. Try it on homemade hot chips for a sensational ‘chips-n-gravy’ treat.
  • Tasty Onion Gravy Mix 32g – Whip up a satisfying onion gravy in mere minutes to add to your Bangers & Mash or a comforting serving of steak and vegetables.
  • Rich Roast Gravy Mix 25g – Rich, brown and velvety, it’s the ideal accompaniment for a roast dinner or a roast meat roll.
  • Pepper Sauce Mix 44g – Only the best quality black and green peppercorns go into this blend which turns out an irresistible pepper sauce for steak, chicken and vegetables.
  • Cheese Sauce Mix 40g – Gourmet Granny’s new cheese sauce mix is superb over vegetables, pasta dishes, pies and steamed chicken.
  • Beef Casserole Mix 44g – Simply add 300ml of water and blend with diced meat and vegetables. Pop it in the oven, stir once and forget. Creates a wonderful, old fashioned beef casserole that will quickly become a family favourite.
  • Beef Stroganoff Mix 42g – Authentic and delicious, this mix makes a fabulous beef stroganoff in just a few minutes. Try it with veal or pork schnitzels or chicken/pork fillets.
  • Mushroom Sauce Mix 42g – A delicious authentic creamy mushroom sauce.  Just add water, a little cream & sautéed mushrooms.  Homemade flavour ready in minutes.
  • Diane Sauce Mix 42g - Everyone's favourite! Authentic flavours of Dijon Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic, Onion and Mushroom.
  • Rosemary & Lamb Gravy 45g – Jam-packed with flavour, this delicious, old-fashioned brown gravy is made with cut rosemary and will turn your roasts into masterpieces.


Stock Gourmet Granny’s in your butcher shop, supermarket, delicatessen, greengrocers or food hall. The nostalgic-style packaging, complete with its colourful photos of tempting dishes will draw your customers’ eyes and sell them on what’s inside. Every sachet contains enough mixture to prepare sauce or gravy for four servings.


Ideal for small foodservice and hospitality businesses, Gourmet Granny’s gives you an easy-to-prepare option to enliven meat and vegetable dishes. Simply blend the contents of a sachet with water and heat as directed for a luscious sauce or gravy with old fashioned flavour.

For more information or to place an order, contact Gourmet Granny’s today.

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Interview - Gourmet Granny's - Brendan Mallett

Using a sauce or gravy can be the best way to finish off a delicious meal. Gourmet Granny’s offers traditional sauce mixes that are made up with just water. We spoke with owner, Brendan Mallett about his company’s history, products and raving fans. Click here

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