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Helen's European Cuisine

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Helen's European Cuisine

Cakes, Muffins, Scones, Gourmet Breads, Tartlets and Slices

Our delicious range of sweet treats span individual cakes to loaves of gourmet breads and are sure to satisfy any customer with a sweet tooth.

All products are handmade to traditional recipes and are perfectly portioned, easy to serve and delicious to eat.

Gourmet Breads

Helen’s gourmet breads are light, moist and appealing to a wide range of customers.

  • Banana Bread (Whole or Pre-Cut)Ripe bananas and cracked walnuts, blended into a bread loaf.
  • Pear & Raspberry Loaf (Pre-Cut): Banana with sweet raspberries and chunks of pear.
  • Coconut & Mango Loaf (Pre-Cut): A soft, moist loaf, with shredded coconut, mango, topped with crushed macadamia nuts.


There’s something special about a light, homemade scone which is why we take great care when hand making ours.

  • Traditional: These scones are light, fluffy and perfectly sweet.
  • Sticky Date: These deliciously tasty scones are made with dates and caramel fudge pieces.

Gourmet Muffins

Our perfectly cooked gourmet muffins in a range of irresistible flavour combinations are a delicious treat for every customer. 

  • Strawberry & White Chocolate: Strawberries with white chocolate gems, topped with a dollop of smooth buttercream.
  • Butterscotch & White Chocolate: A blast of butterscotch caramel with white chocolate gems in a rich muffin, drizzled with white chocolate.
  • Chocolate Trio: Triple decadent chocolate muffin topped with white and dark chocolate chips.

Texas Muffins

Everything is bigger in Texas and our Texas muffins are no exception. Big in size and in flavour, they are perfect for hungry customers looking for something a little extra to hit the spot.

  • Blueberry & CustardA blueberry muffin with a creamy vanilla custard centre and swirl on top.
  • Wildberry & White Chocolate: Wildberries in a soft muffin, with a white chocolate ganache topping.
  • Orange & Poppy: Orange zest and poppy seeds in a moist muffin, topped with a subtle orange glaze.
  • Triple Chocolate: A chocolate muffin with chocolate chips and dark chocolate ganache topping.

Mini Muffins

Our bite-size muffins are so irresistible you won’t be able to stop after one. 

  • Blueberry & White Chocolate Mini Muffins: Blueberries mixed into a light, fluffy muffin, drizzled with white chocolate ganache topping.
  • Chocolate Mini Muffins: A chocolate muffin with chocolate chips and dark chocolate ganache topping.

Gluten-Free & Vegan Muffin

  • Chocolate & Raspberry Muffin: A decadent blend of chocolate & raspberries baked into a delicious chocolate muffin.

Seasonal Tarts

  • Fruit Mince Tartlets (Seasonal: November – December): Sweet buttery pastry, encasing a classic mix of fruit & spices.

The Scottish Baker By Helen’s

Immerse yourself into a world of indulgence with our delicious range of artisan cakes and slices

Individual Cakes

  • Lemon Cake with Blueberry Frosting (Gluten Free): Fluffy lemon cake topped with a swirl of blueberry icing, finished with floral confetti.
  • Carrot & Ginger Cake (Gluten Free): Ginger, cinnamon & spiced carrot cake topped with a dollop of cream cheese icing and a pinch of dried orange zest.
  • Orange, Almond & Rose Cake (Gluten Free & Dairy Free): Orange, vanilla, and almond meal cake embellished with sugar pearls & delicately placed rose petals.
  • Choc Brownie Cake with Raspberry Frosting (Gluten Free): Rich chocolate fudge brownie cake featuring a dollop of raspberry frosting.


  • Caramel Choc Cookie: Chocolate chip cookie dough with decadent caramel filling topped with chocolate buttons.
  • Toffee Popcorn: Chocolate biscuit base topped with caramel toffee and finished with a generous layer of caramel popcorn and a drizzle of chocolate.
  • Chocolate Crackle: Rice crispy & chocolate base topped with a layer of chocolate and finished with a drizzle of white chocolate.
  • Cranberry & Pistachio: A perfect blend of rolled oats, sweet cranberries, rich golden syrup, topped with a layer of yoghurt and decorated with cranberries & pistachios.

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