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Wholesale 100% plant-based and lactose-free cheese and dairy

Danielle Wheatley and Simon Paul, founders of Lauds are passionate lovers of the natural environment and fully committed to their love for animals. They are led by and evangelical about the sentiment: ‘Feed your kindness’. Through their business, Lauds, they are able to nourish consumers through cruelty-free, deeply delicious foods that they handcraft in clean, green Tasmania.

Their plant-based cheeses, butter and cashew cream cheese perform in much the same way as their dairy counterparts, meaning that vegetarian and vegan consumers never have to feel like they’re missing out.

Wherever possible, Lauds uses organic, locally sourced and sustainable products and with Tasmania being renowned for its pristine environment, this adds an extra level of goodness.

Prebiotic and probiotic

Lauds’ products are probiotic and prebiotic as they are fermented and cultured, providing a gut-friendly alternative for vegan dairy consumers.

Nut-free vegan cheeses too!

The company is the first in the world to introduce a range of oat-based dairy alternatives.

All Lauds products are proudly handcrafted in Tasmania and are:

  • Dairy free
  • 100% vegan/plant based
  • Lactose free
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No flavour enhancers
  • All natural
  • Probiotic and prebiotic

The range

Wholesale plant-based cheeses

Serve Lauds’ plant-based cheeses straight from the fridge onto a grazing platter alongside your preferred pickles, crackers, fruits and vegetables. Some can be crumbled over a bowl of soup, while others can transform a sandwich into a masterpiece. Make a cheese sauce with a plant-based milk and choose Lauds to top your next homemade pizza.

  • Aged Cashew Cheese 120g – A semi-hard cheese with sharp cheddar overtones. Serve as a table cheese on a platter or add to bechamel to make a creamy cheese sauce. Gluten free.
  • Aged Cashew Cheese with Chives & Onion 120g – Our favourite Aged Cashew Cheese with Chives and Onion for additional taste.
  • Aged Cashew Cheese with Sweet Red Pepper 120g – Our favourite Aged Cashew Cheese flavoured with sweet red pepper.
  • Shredded Cheese 200g – This plant-based shredded cheese is the perfect addition to pizzas, nachos, toasties, and baked pasta dishes.
  • Romano Shake 100g – An irresistible blend of cashews, almonds, and Tasmanian hemp hearts. Perfect for pizza and pastas. Dairy free.
  • Original Oat Melt 400g – Made from an oat and yellow split pea cultured yoghurt, Oat Melt is your go-to for pizza toppings, cheese toasties, gozlemes, savoury pastries and to stir through polenta or risotto. Nut free.
  • Tasty Oat Melt 300g – Crafted to be a ‘tasty’ melting product, it’s made from matured cashew cheese and so has a stronger, cheesier flavour. It melts, bubbles and browns, much like regular cheese. Nut free.
  • Smoked Oat Cheese 180g – A versatile cheese with a strong smoky flavour, hard texture and low-fat content.
  • Almond & Cashew Persian Feta 300g – Soft, white, and creamy – this plant-based fetta is reminiscent of subtle goat's cheese. 

Wholesale plant-based butter

For a decadent, creamy and spreadable butter that melts in your mouth just like regular butter, choose Lauds’ Cultured Oat Butter. Create a roux for bechamel sauce, whip up some tempting garlic bread and use it in cakes and cookies.

  • Cultured Oat Butter 280g – Smooth, creamy and delicious, Cultured Oat Butter is made by churning Lauds’ oat and yellow split pea cultured yoghurt, organic refined coconut oil and Tasmanian sea salt.

Wholesale cashew cream cheeses

Lauds cashew cream cheeses are the perfect spreads for bagels, sandwiches and toast. Each variety starts with cashews and is blended with the perfect combination of ingredients to produce a luxurious, creamy alternative to dairy cream cheese.

  • Classic Cashew Cream Cheese 270g – Add a little sweetness and use this one as a fabulous creamy icing for banana or carrot cake. Otherwise, simply enjoy with crackers or spread on breakfast toast.
  • Lemon, Garlic & Dill Cashew Cream Cheese 270g – A lovely, herbed spread for bread or to dip crackers into and enjoy with drinks.
  • Truffle Cashew Cream Cheese 270g – This luxe version of cream cheese is perfumed with black truffle. Use in cream-filled ravioli or add a couple of spoonsful to a hot pasta dish and stir through.
  • Beetroot Cashew Cream Cheese 270g – Pretty in pink and with a wonderful earthy beetroot flavour, it goes beautifully in pasta fillings and can be served as a dip with crudites.
  • Carrot & Cardamom Cashew Cream Cheese 270g – The perfect spiced spread for bagels and toast, it allows the sweetness of the carrots to shine through.


Veganism and vegetarianism are booming and consumers are always looking for new, exciting, quality plant-based foods. Be ready for them with Lauds’ range of wholesale vegan cheeses, butter and cashew cream cheeses.


Catering for those following a plant-based diet can be tricky, but not when you have Lauds’ plant-based cheeses, butter and cashew cream cheeses on hand. You can even accommodate those who require nut free! Explore the range and be inspired by how you’ll be able to expand your menu.

For more information or to place an order, get in touch with distributors Cartel & Co. today.

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100% plant-based and lactose-free cheese and dairy.

Introducing the incredible vegan range by Lauds! Using traditional fermentation methods and local organic ingredients, they've created oat and nut-based butter and cheese that tastes just like the real thing. Discover the taste of plant-based perfection
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