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Nive Beef Jerky

Nive Beef Jerky
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Nive Beef Jerky

Nive Beef has a history of producing quality 100% grass-fed meat dating back more than 150 years in the Augathella grazing district of Queensland. Today, their premium beef jerky elevates this healthy, high protein snack food to new levels of goodness.

A passionate family business, Nive Beef Jerky is a venture of husband and wife team Doug and Rachelle Cameron. When Doug began making his own homemade jerky, his friends and family insisted he should commercialise the product so everyone could enjoy reliable supplies. Already raising their beef using sustainable farming practices, they knew there would be a market for their jerky among consumers who appreciate top quality and purchasing from a supplier they could trust.

The marinade was developed and refined over three and a half years and it took two years to bring the jerky product to market.

Additionally, as a positive business response to low cattle prices and Queensland’s enduring drought, Nive Beef Jerky now sustains the family’s country lifestyle and income.

The jerky uses a quality fusion of Angus and Charolais beef cattle, all purely grass-fed and hormone-free. The meat is flavoured with a unique marinade then dried to create an authentic jerky reminiscent of days gone by.

Health virtues

With its guaranteed traceable food chain from paddock to packet, Nive Beef Jerky is a brand with a high conscience for quality and consumer health and respect. It is preservative-free and uses only salt as the curing agent whereas most other jerky producers will use ‘quick cure’. It is also free of vegetable gums that other brands use as softener and contains no fillers.

  • 100% grass-fed
  • 100% meat – no fillers
  • Trusted premium Angus beef breed
  • Low-stress techniques
  • Hormone free
  • Preservative-free
  • High in protein
  • Low in fat
  • All-natural flavours

The products

Nive Beef Jerky is available in 30g and 50g packs. Ideal for snacking straight from the pack, it can also be added to a cheese board or used in a variety of recipes. Serve alongside nuts, trail mix and beers for a satisfying Sunday afternoon grazing plate. Try stirring finely chopped jerky through dips and pasta sauces or use as a salad topper. Keep on hand in the glove box, desk drawer or gym bag for an instant protein fix.

Every Nive Beef Jerky product is made from grass-fed, hormone-free beef.

Original Family Recipe

The original and arguably the favourite! Nive Beef’s Original Family Recipe just can’t be beaten and everyone always comes back for more.

Heated Garlic Beef Jerky 

Fire up your tastebuds with Heated Garlic Beef Jerky and revel in the outstanding flavour that comes from this expertly created recipe.

Roasted Chilli Beef Jerky 

Not just heat but smoky heat, with all the umami goodness that comes with it. Roasted Chilli Beef Jerky is extremely moreish so be sure to grab plenty!

Thai Fusion Beef Jerky 

It’s all your favourite Thai flavours infused into grass-fed beef to create a premium quality beef jerky with an exotic personality.


Stock Nive Beef Jerky for all your health-conscious customers who seek nutritious, high protein snacks without any added nasties. Offer taste tests so they can experience the flavour and texture for themselves. Makes an ideal impulse purchase at point of sale. Ideal for greengrocers, butchers, supermarkets, gourmet food retailers, health food stores, gyms, personal training studios and naturopaths.


Delicious and satisfying, Nive Beef Jerky offers the additional benefits of being sustainable, traceable and all-natural. Ideal for snack bars, health cafes, juice bars, school and university canteens and food trucks.

To discuss your requirements or to place your first order, contact Nive Beef Jerky today.

More information about Nive Beef Jerky

Interview - Doug Cameron - Nive Beef Jerky

When you can trace a food product directly back to the farm, you know it has to have a mark of quality about it. This is the case with Nive Beef Jerky, made by a family whose beef farming pedigree stretches back twenty years. We spoke with Doug and Rachelle Cameron, farmers and producers of Nive Beef and Nive Beef Jerky and learned a whole lot more about this nutritious, energising snack in the process. Click here

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