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Sugo Tu - Pizza Dough, Bases, Sauce, Pasta

Sugo Tu - Pizza Dough, Bases, Sauce, Pasta
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Phone 07 3849 1309
Service Area Australia Wide

Sugo Tu - Pizza Dough, Bases, Sauce, Pasta

The secret to pizza perfection

We’ve solved the eternal balancing act of quality vs speed. It’s now possible to serve rustic, authentic, great-tasting pizzas… every time, fast.

It all started with the revival of a 200-year-old family recipe. Over 500 prototypes later, we’ve perfected the perfect pizza base recipe for the modern food service world. The secret? Well, we craft our dough over 24 hours using our unique two-stage fermentation process, precise temperature control, and our proprietary flour blend. This delivers unmatched quality, consistency, and taste.

Our dough is so easy to stretch that literally anyone can do it — head chef, kitchen hand, even the waiter. In fact, we’re so proud of our pizza perfection that we guarantee it. Simply consistent, great-tasting pizzas every time or your money back, no questions asked.

  • All natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavours, colours or additives
  • Dairy free
  • Egg free
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Pizzas have a light thin base with a soft fluffy crust
  • HACCP certified & SQF certification

Foodservice range

Using Sugo products means you can offer your customers delicious, authentic Italian fare and create efficiency and consistency in your kitchen. Take advantage of their expertise and simply top with classic or gourmet delights. Watch your customers come back for more!

Easy-Stretch Dough Discs

A light, soft, fluffy base, giving an authentic rustic pizza finish and the best customer experience. The highly robust dough is so easy to hand stretch, it’s almost impossible to get wrong. A low cost per unit, and only marginally more time and skill needed compared to parbaked bases means more profits too. It’s almost “tu” good to be true, right?

Can also make calzones, fried breads, grissini, stuffed dough ball … the options are endless!

Available in various sizes: 

  • 170g (makes 9-10” size). 60/carton
  • 200g (makes 10-12” size). 50/carton
  • 225g (makes 10-12” size). 50/carton
  • 250g (makes 12-14” size). 40/carton
  • 300g (makes 13-15” size). 36/carton  

Baking Instructions: The dough is designed to cook hot and fast. Can be baked across a wide range of ovens, and in a little as 90 seconds in a woodfired oven!  Check out the video below to see how easy it is!

Par-Baked Pizza Bases

Hand-stretched and stone-baked using Sugo Tu’s rustic dough recipe and available pre-sauced or plain/olive oil.

Available in 9” and 11”.  No need to thaw – ready to top and bake  Baking instructions: At least 250OC for 5-10 minutes depending on toppings. Shelf Life: Frozen 12 months.

Perfect Pizza & Pasta Sauce

When your name (‘Sugo’) means ‘sauce’, you’d better be good at the sauce! We’ve spent years perfecting our recipe. We use ripe Italian Italian tomatoes with fresh garlic and basil. Our sauces will make your pizza and pasta menu that much more mouth-watering.

  • Pizza sauce – 8 x 2kg pouch
  • Napoli sauce – 5 x 3kg pouch
  • Bolognaise sauce – 5 x 3kg pouch

Shelf Life: Frozen 12 months. Once thawed, sauce will stay fresh for 5 days in the fridge.

Retail range - Pizza Dough 4 Pack & 360g Pizza Sauce

Create freshly baked pizza at home! Sugo Tu’s take home pizza dough will inspire your customers to create their own restaurant quality, authentic Italian pizza in just 4 easy steps.  THAW – STRETCH – TOP – BAKE.  

Dough pack contents: 4 x 200g individually sealed dough discs. The dough can be thawed at room temperature or in a sink of hot water to accelerate the process. 

Shelf life: Frozen 12 months. Once thawed 3 days in fridge.

Pizza Sauce contents: Each pouch contains 360g of sauce, enough for 4 large pizzas. Resealable. 

Shelf life: Frozen – 12 months from production date.
Shelf life once opened – 5 days refrigerated. 

If you are interested in stocking this product please contact Sugo Tu. 

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