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Phone 1300 308 885
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Tea Lovers

Over 350 Teas Plus Tea Wares, Tea Gifts and Tea Accessories

Tea Lovers is a specialist tea wholesaler that offers an astonishing array of wholesale teas, Japanese tea wares, Cast Iron teapots, Glass teapots, tea accessories, tea infuser bottles, tea gift sets and tea packaging. Established in 2001, this family-owned business operates out of Camden in South West Sydney and ships Australia-wide.

The finest quality tea blends are sourced from farms and tea suppliers across the globe, including some local varieties grown right here in Australia. Tea Lovers takes great pride in the vastness of their range – around 350 different tea varieties – unmatched in both quality and variety.

Choose from a huge selection of herbal and wellness tea blends as well as single herbal ingredients that you can use to create your own signature blends. Tea Lovers always strives to stay abreast of the latest market trends in the tea industry and makes a point of assisting customers to develop successful retail businesses.

Their wholesale pricing and bulk order discounts are hard to beat and the company invites you to enquire around your particular requirements.

Tea Lovers Best Selling Tea Range

Black Teas

Vanilla Superior Black Tea, Caramel Black Tea, Cherry & Coconut Slice Black Tea, Chocolate Mint Black Tea, Coconut Black Tea, Fruit Paradise Black Tea, Irish Cream Black Tea, Mango Mexican Chilli Black Tea, Monk Pear Black Tea, Christmas Black Tea, Rum Fruit & Nut Black Tea, Stockholm Blend (Apricot & Vanilla) Black Tea.  

Classics: English Breakfast Superior, French Earl Grey, Rose Earl Grey, Tea for Sunday (East Frisian), Russian Caravan, Assam Margherita, Darjeeling Goomtee, Keemun, Tarry Lapsang Souchong, Organic Ceylon Orange Pekoe.

Green Teas

Banana Strawberry Shake Green Tea, Cherry Marzipan Green Tea, French Earl Grey Green Tea, Hawaiian Sunset (Berries) Green Tea, Happy Hours (Apricot & Vanilla) Green Tea, Japanese lime Green Tea, Lime & Coconut Delight Green Tea, Mango Green Tea, Peach Green Tea, Vanilla Green Tea, Olive Leaf Green Tea.

Classics: Japanese Sencha, Japanese Genmaicha, Japanese Matcha Powder, Buddahs Tears, China Sencha, Chun Mee Moon, Grade One Gunpowder, Jasmine, Lung Ching Dragonwell, Milky Oolong.

Chai Blends

Chai Masala Black Tea (Tea Lovers Premium Chai Blend), Punjab Chai Black Tea, Spiced Chai Black Tea, Australian Chai Black Tea, Chocolate Chai Black Tea, Vanilla Chai Black Tea, Turmeric Chai Black Tea, Chai Decaffeinated Black Tea, Sticky Honey Chai Black Tea,  Chai Masala Green Tea, Chai Herbal Blend, Honeybush Herbal Chai, Rooibos Herbal Chai, Spiced Chai Latte Powder, Chocolate Chai Latte Powder, Matcha Green Latte Powder.

Australian Teas

Australian Daintree Black Tea, Australian Caravan Black Tea, Australian Chai Black Tea, Australian Lemon Myrtle Black Tea, Australian Mint Black Tea, Australian Rainforest Black Tea, Australian Sencha Green Tea, Australian Summer Dreams (Sencha & Fruits) Green Tea, Australian Organic Lemon Myrtle.

Fruit Teas

Apple & Almond Teacake, Berry Cocktail, Blue Forest Berry, Citrus Punch, Strawberry Cream, Peach Melba, Turkish Apple.

Wellness Blends

Sweet Dreams, Detox & Cleanse, Inner Calmness, Menopause Mix, Immune Booster, Slimmers Blend, Cold & Flu Allergy Aid, Arthritis Blend, Energiser.

Other Herbal Blends

Rooibos Blueberry Cheesecake, Rooibos Chocolate & Truffle, Rooibos Cream, Honeybush Cream, Ginger Kisses, Organic Peppermint & Liquorice, Organic Lemongrass & Ginger, Spiced Turmeric, Premium Chamomile, Organic Peppermint.

Organic Teas

Tea Lovers offers organic products in blacks, greens and herbal varieties. Please see the Quality Tea Selections section on their website for more product information.

Tea Wares

Tea Lovers also offers an extensive array of tea wares including Japanese designer tea cups and mugs, oriental tea sets, glass teapots, cast iron teapots, hand painted tea-for-one sets and other quirky novelty teapots and mug products. Tea Lovers also stocks the latest range of tea infuser bottles and travel mugs.

Tea Accessories

Whatever you could need to enhance your tea-drinking experience, Tea Lovers is sure to offer it in their range.

  • Tea Canisters & Jars – Gorgeous, colourful canisters and jars for your precious teas in both modern and classic designs. Choose from Japanese origami canisters, ceramic jars, glass jars, printed and plain canisters.
  • Packaging Materials – Retailers can select from a range of packaging options including high quality 3-ply foil/paper bags in a large array of colours and sizes. Foil bags can be sealed with gold clip ties. Also available are matte zip lock bags in both black and white.
  • Filters, Strainers & Infusers – From the disposable to the collectible, Tea Lovers’ selection of tea filters, strainers and infusers has something for every taste and application.
  • Tea Scoops & Spoons – You won’t believe the variety of beautiful spoons and scoops, in ceramic, bamboo, wood and metal.
  • Matcha Accessories – Matcha must be prepared with respect to ancient traditions. Tea Lovers’ matcha accessories make it a truly authentic experience.
  • Tea Warmers – Tea light-fuelled warmers to keep your tea at optimal temperature.


Tea Lovers are enthusiastic about helping retailers to develop their tea ranges. In addition to the teas themselves, the extensive selection of tea wares, tea accessories and tea gifts complements your offering, making it irresistible to tea-loving customers. Gift businesses will appreciate the variety and quality as well as the many different ideas that will inspire gift hamper themes and inclusions. Speak to Tea Lovers if you own a supermarket, delicatessen, food hall or bulk foods outlet. Consider offering your customers high quality teas and tea blends for purchase in your wellness practice, hair salon, day spa, resort, fitness studio or tourism store.


Choose a local Australian business to help you select the perfect teas and blends for your café, restaurant, tea house, hotel or catering business. There truly is a tea for every taste and this makes it easy to satisfy even your most discerning customers or guests. Tea Lovers can assist you in curating a tea selection that will set your business apart from competitors.

For more information or to place your initial order, get in touch with Tea Lovers today.

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