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The Other Chef Fine Foods

The Other Chef Fine Foods
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Phone 02 6581 4773
Service Area Australia Wide

The Other Chef Fine Foods

Gourmet Jams, Relishes and Condiments

Any dish prepared with love should also be prepared with exquisite, quality ingredients that have also been produced with care and attention. The Other Chef Fine Foods is a proud brand presided over by Eric Robinson (a chef with over 30 years of experience) and his wife Monica who manages the accounts, sales and marketing. Together they have built their business from a small artisanal producer using fabulous local ingredients to the current incarnation which is a larger concern, but with the same eye for quality and passion for perfection.

Based in Port Macquarie, The Other Chef Fine Foods enjoys access to sublime fresh produce including local strawberries, oranges and lemons, among others. Today, Eric and Monica apply the same care to every individual product, which went into the very first award-winning small batch of jam in the early days.

The company remains a family owned and run business and continues to win medals with exciting regularity. Their range of wholesale jams, chutneys, sauces and relishes are coveted by customers looking for flavours that hark back to the good old days.

The Other Chef range

Handmade using local ingredients wherever possible, these award winning condiments contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Just good, honest, succulent flavours!

  • Preserved Lemons 350g 
    Essential for any Moroccan tagine recipe and perfect in couscous, salads and casseroles.
  • Smoky Habasco Sauce 100ml 
    Rich and fruity, wicked on everything from eggs to pizza and grilled meats for added heat.
  • Spiced Mango Chutney 200g 
    Succulent, ripe local mangoes are combined with fresh chilli, ginger and exotic roasted spices to create this wonderful condiment for Indian foods.
  • Chilli Jam 230g 
    The warm aromas and flavours of star anise and ginger, plus medium chilli heat make this sweet and sticky jam a winner with barbecued meats, tempura seafoods, pizza or pasta.
  • Onion Jam 200g 
    Slow-cooked onions are reduced down with mustard, red wine and sugar to create a rich, sticky jam that’s savoury and addictive. Excellent for barbecues and with mashed potato or try with scrambled eggs or in sandwiches.
  • Tomato Kasundi 200g 
    Ripe tomato relish laced with roasted aromatic spices, fresh ginger and mild chilli. Enjoy with Indian foods or use as a traditional relish.
  • Balsamic Essence 100ml 
    Experience the luscious, full mouth feel of balsamic essence, the result of a long, slow reduction process over low heat. Delicious with Lemon Infused EV Olive Oil on crusty bread or as a salad dressing.
  • Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml 
    A fine quality Australian extra virgin olive oil is infused with slices of golden lemon rind to produce a fabulous dipper for fresh crusty bread or an oil you can proudly use as a salad dressing or to toss through hot pasta.
  • Quince Paste 100g 
    Firm friends with soft and mature cheeses, the ruby red colour and complex fruit flavours elevate any cheese platter to grandeur. Melt and brush over Christmas turkey or rack of lamb.
  • Saffron Citrus Marmalade 200g 
    An abundance of locally grown oranges and lemons yield to create this rich, full-bodied and bittersweet marmalade. Enhanced with strands of pure Spanish saffron, its sunny hues are delightful to wake up to at breakfast.
  • Strawberry Jam 200g 
    Perfectly ripe fresh strawberries and the juice of local Comboyne lemons make this jam an outstanding addition to Devonshire tea.
  • Apricot Vanilla Conserve 200g 
    Plump, ripe apricots, pure vanilla and comforting cinnamon blend to produce a chunky, satisfying breakfast conserve.
  • Toffee Apple Syrup 100ml 
    Tastes just like toffee apples! This syrup is decadently sweet and is divine drizzled over ice cream, pancakes, fresh fruit or waffles.

Port Macquarie Food Co.

You’ll also find these divine, award winning products at The Other Chef.

  • Hastings Citrus Marmalade
    Known for its citrus farms, the Hastings region produces juicy oranges and lemons. This traditional marmalade uses local fruit for an abundance of bitter-sweet zest and rich colour and flavour.
  • Strawberry Jam
    Near Port Macquarie is a strawberry farm that grows gorgeous, plump, sweet strawberries. Every one of them is hand-hulled then cooked carefully in small batches to retain their flavour and colour.

Contract Manufacturing Your Brand

The Other Chef can create a retail range or corporate gift specifically for you and labelled with your very own brand. From design to production and even labelling, everything can be done for you.


Stocking The Other Chef’s wholesale condiments is a source of justifiable pride in Australia’s boutique food industry. Talk about the range and offer taste tests to prove to your customers that inside every jar is a delicious experience.


All products are available in retail size units as well as larger catering units for the restaurant/café trade.

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The Other Chef Fine Foods

The Other Chef Fine Foods proudly produces an award-winning range of wholesale condiments including jams, relishes, chutneys, sauces, conserves and marmalades. The company utilises as many locally-grown ingredients as possible for the ultimate in flavour and quality. Read more about what makes The Other Chef so special. Click here

Interview - Monica Robinson - The Other Chef

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