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Well & Good Gluten Free Bakery

Well & Good Gluten Free Bakery
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Phone 03 9769 1515
Service Area Victoria

Well & Good Gluten Free Bakery

Baked gluten free bread for cafes, restaurants, hotels and caterers

Bread is the most basic comfort. For many, it’s an important part of our diet and culture. For people who are coeliac and gluten intolerant, finding good bread is essential to their well-being. Well & Good is a business based on innovation and creating tasty and indulgent products that happen to be gluten free. Getting bread right, without gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and soy means a lot to the company and its customers.

We created this gourmet range of ready baked breads to accommodate the need for quality gluten free breads that can be used across a wide array of applications. It is the culmination of new advances in ingredients and years of experience in developing gluten free bread mixes.

Well & Good bread is deliciously soft inside with a lovely crust on the outside. 

  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Wheat free
  • Dairy free
  • Soy free
  • Nut free

The Well & Good baked bread range

Choose the bread that suits your menu offerings. Now you can have great-tasting gluten free bread with a pleasant texture for your customers.

Gluten Free White Sliced Bread

A lovely white bread that’s soft, full of flavour and doesn’t crumble. Ideal for lunches, grilled cheese toasties and bread and butter pudding. Also available in seeded for extra flavour and texture thanks to the addition of poppy seeds and linseeds.

Gluten Free Baguette

Gluten Free Baguette is an essential item in any food business and offers many applications. Make delicious gluten free garlic bread; lunch time baguettes with pulled beef, crispy salad and tomato relish. Or create gourmet hot dogs with caramelised onions and artisanal sausages. Well & Good’s fully baked gluten free baguette is a traditional white bread with a lovely golden crust and a little crisp. Dimensions: approximately 5cm wide, 4cm high and 45cm long.

Gluten Free Slider Buns

Soft, fluffy and loved by all. The pleasure of buttering a soft light dinner roll while you wait for your meal at a friendly restaurant is a wonderful thing. Well & Good’s Gluten Free Slider Buns are a perfect accompaniment to a special restaurant meal; they are also great to be used as sliders and mini rolls. Made from their Gluten Free Artisan Bread Mix, these delicious little rolls have a slightly sweet flavour, with a soft and aerated centre and chewy golden crust. Approximately 35-40g each.

Gluten Free Hamburger Bun

A hamburger is high on many people’s wish lists! Well & Good’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns are essential as an option at any food business selling quality burgers. Gluten free is a popular and growing trend and with these fully baked products they’ve made it very easy for food businesses to cater for all. The buns are just like traditional buns; soft on the inside with a golden, chewy exterior. Delicious and suitable for a variety of fillings, they are also similar to popular brioche buns. Approximately 100-110g each.

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

A lovely soft, cinnamon flavored bun which tastes just like the original version.  

Gluten Free Brioche Buns

Exquisite gluten free brioche buns that are soft and slightly sweet on the inside with a glazed golden crust. These buns are free from eggs and dairy so they’re vegan friendly. 

Contact Well & Good today to sample their range and see for yourself why they think this bread is a winner for foodservice businesses. 

More information about Well & Good Gluten Free Bakery

Chocolate Mud Cake from Well and Good.

Our famous gluten & allergy free Choc Mud Cake was made just for a smile. Seeing the face of a young child, missing out on Birthday Cake, because of food Allergy was powerful motivation for us to get creative in the kitchen. Click here

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