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Green Bean Coffee Australia

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Green Bean Coffee Australia
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Phone: 02 9870 7898 or 1800 787 738

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Green Bean Coffee

At Green Bean Coffee we give cafés the ability to tailor the taste and quality of the coffee that they roast for their customers. We believe in assisting café owners in their efforts to provide the best quality cup of coffee by roasting their own green beans for their customers right in front of them.

Anyone can write “Freshly Roasted” on their shop front but who can argue with a coffee roaster sitting in your shop, roasting the coffee green to brown over 10 minutes and filling the air around your café with the aroma of fresh coffee. That’s credibility.

The idea of absolute freshness for anyone, in addition to the savings that can be made in a small business by utilizing the Roaster is revolutionary and our roaster, being designed specifically for cafes and restaurants, is unique in the cafe market. The beauty of it’s perfectly engineered design is that is simple to use and easy to maintain. Dr Jerry Whitfield is the designer and manufacturer of the Green Bean Roaster, and was responsible for the development of the Boeing 767. He is, at present developing the most promising alternative energy power stations for the United States government based on Bio mass technology.

The machine is fully automatic, and all of the work has been designed into the machine so that there is no need to intervene once you have added the volume of beans and pressed the “Start Roast” button. It will roast the beans along the pre-programmed roast profile until it reaches the temperature you have set for the beans you want to roast.  It then continues to blow air through the beans to bring it back down to room temperature and stop. No safety equipment is required and any of your staff can roast with as much confidence as you can yourself.

When introducing the roaster to Australia, Green Bean Coffee submitted the roaster to scrutiny by the Australian Gas Association for Australia wide approval. This laborious process with the A.G.A. took six months with Jerry visiting Australia himself to assist with modifications to the design, leading to eventual approval and the local Model.  This led to some safety features being introduced to the roaster that aren’t available in the models circulating in America. At the beginning of 2009 we released the big brother of the 600g roasters, which doubles the volume you can roast at 1.2kg per batch. Both models now have approval by the A.G.A, Australia wide. This approval meets all standards required by the Evironmental Protection Act, insurance requirements, and allows for easy installation in a commercial environment by any qualified tradesman.

A lot of café owners claim to have no room for a roaster, but they could earn twenty times the amount in cost savings, simply by roasting their own coffee, as they could by toasting Panini and the roaster has a footprint roughly the same size as a Panini press.

We don’t expect people to go it alone after buying a roaster. We provide assistance in getting yourself set up, consulting with tradesmen to get it installed and teaching people how to roast either in person or over the phone in remote locations. 

We hold onto a massive inventory of green beans to offer variety and consistency to all customers and take pride in getting the orders out within a day of receiving the order. We offer over 60 single origin green beans ranging in price from $11 per kg to $210 per kilo for Indonesian Kopi Luwak.

We also promote thirteen Green Bean blends including an Organic blend, Organic Fair Trade, Rainforest alliance and Decaffeinated. You can buy in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, or 16kg quantities and sell it as ours or your own, and you can buy the coffee packaging from us in a variety of styles and sizes.

If you’d like to order coffee from us without a logo you are welcome to enquire about “cleanskins” coffee, which we will only roast to order. We will guarantee that any roasted coffee orders will be shipped with 48 hours and our partners at Startrack express assure us that all metropolitan areas of Australia will receive their order the following day after pickup. You could have coffee too fresh to use!!!



For more information, please visit our website, give us a call or complete the enquiry form below.



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