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Rufus Teague

Wholesale BBQ Sauces and Rubs

Rufus Teague makes award-winning wholesale BBQ sauces and rubs, straight from the USA. They’re perfect for grillin’, dippin’ or drink straight out of the bottle!

As Rufus Teague puts it, “Good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder.”

Every sauce is the real deal, not a cheap knockoff. They are cooked longer to be less watery and more intense in flavour and only the finest natural ingredients are used.

The barbecue sauces have their own personality and flavour profile and they can all be used in many different ways. Brush, pour or marinade on all meats and vegetables. Try as a dip with chicken nuggets or whip up a lip-smacking salad dressing.

  • Blazin’ Hot BBQ Sauce – Keep the fire extinguisher close by, this one doesn’t mess around. Sweet and smoky with a delicious burn.
  • Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce – Thick, rich and smoky sweet thanks to the addition of real honey.
  • Kansas City Gold BBQ Sauce – This one is a highly versatile sauce, a tangy southern classic with a hint of bacon and mustard.
  • Smoky Apple BBQ Sauce – A unique BBQ sauce that comes with the tanginess of apple to complement its sweetness and smokiness.
  • Touch o’ Heat BBQ Sauce – It’s kinda hot but kinda not. With just enough spice to get your tastebuds jumping, it’s the go-to sauce for competition BBQ teams and restaurants.
  • Whiskey Maple BBQ Sauce – Genuine maple syrup and good old-fashioned whiskey go into this sauce to create a fine, boozy sweetness and intense flavour.

The rubs are the perfect start to layers of flavour in your ribs, brisket or over anything you like.

  • Original Meat Rub – A good meat rub is key to bringing out the best in whatever meat you’re cooking…and this one does just that. A masterful blend of herbs and spices make this rub an absolute must for every barbecue lover.
  • Spicy Meat Rub –  This is an all-around seasoning spice for those  that like a little heat. Great on virtually any meat, poultry or fish that you are smoking or grilling.
  • Chick N’ Rub – An amazing blend of savoury herbs and bright citrus zest. Perfect for the grill, the smoker or the oven, this seasoning will bring colour and flavour to even the most bland bird.
  • Steak Rub – This seasoning is geared towards red meat. Steak obviously shines but gives other beef cuts a wonderful earthy depth with the addition of coffee.
  • Fish Rub – A fresh blend of subtle seasonings that let your catch shine when barbecued, smoked or pan roasted.


Not only will the Rufus Teague range of BBQ sauces and rubs look fantastic on your shelves, they may also help to sell complementing products. Position with meats, vegetables and frozen foods like nuggets and meatballs.

For more information or to place your first order, contact Feast on This today.

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