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Saucy Wench

Wholesale Asian Sauces and Dumplings

If you’ve been searching for Australian-made wholesale Asian food, you’ve found it! Saucy Wench is a local brand that makes their Asian sauces and dumplings right here, bringing fun, flavour, and personality to Aussie tables. Founded by Lisa Liu, the self-confessed condiment queen, Saucy Wench enjoys a cult following thanks to Lisa’s time showcasing her products via market stalls.

The wholesale Asian sauces are all natural, gluten free, vegan, made in Australia, and contain no added MSG and no artificial preservatives. The wholesale dumplings are handmade using premium, locally sourced ingredients and are available in a couple of vegan varieties too.

Saucy Wench adds a layer of gourmet Asian flavour to your snacks and meals at home and inspires menus in foodservice businesses.

Wholesale Asian sauces

Elevate flavours, turn up the heat, and transform everyday dishes into something extra special. Saucy Wench’s Asian sauces are so versatile that they can be used across a range of cuisines. Keep a few jars on hand to switch things up a little every day.

  • Plum Sauce – Made with Australian black plums, dried sour plums, and five-spice, it’s a sweet and sour sauce that will cure you of your tomato sauce penchant.
  • Lemongrass & Tamarind Sauce – A classic pairing of ingredients that culminates in a deeply fragrant sauce that can be used in stir-fries and curries.
  • Satay Sauce – Malaysian-style satay sauce featuring roasted, crushed peanuts, coconut, and palm sugar.
  • Garlic & Eschallot Vinaigrette – A sweet and savoury concoction additionally featuring chilli, orange, dates, and oranges to balance flavours.
  • Chilli Jam – Slather it on cream cheese and crackers, mix with mayo for a dip for your potato wedges, or add an extra dimension of warmth and flavour to a curry or stew.
  • Chilli, Ginger & Lime Sauce – Add classic Asian flavours to your roast chicken, serve with flash-fried calamari or try it as a dipping sauce for spring rolls.
  • Green Sambal – Loaded with curry leaves, fresh coriander, cumin, and mustard seeds, it’s perfect with roast potatoes or to add to a curry.
  • Chilli Oil – A peanut oil base with fresh chilli, chilli flakes, Sichuan peppercorns and more, to dip dumplings, enjoy with noodles, or to stir into fried rice.

Wholesale dumplings

The world loves Asian food and dumplings are one of the most popular dishes of all. Saucy Wench’s dumplings are tender little pastry pillows loaded with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Steam or pan-fry and serve with a Saucy Wench flavoured oil or sauce.

Tender little pastry pillows filled with fresh, premium ingredients, Saucy Wench’s wholesale dumplings can be enjoyed as a snack, or for lunch or dinner. Steam them or pan-fry them and serve with a Saucy Wench flavoured sauce or oil.

  • Prawn & Bambo Shoot Dumplings – Classic prawn dumpling with bamboo shoots and pork belly pieces for extra crunch.
  • Luo-Han Dumplings – Vegan dumplings filled with glass noodles, tempeh, spinach, and fermented red tofu.
  • Handmade Shiitake & Chive Dumplings – Vegan dumplings full of fresh shiitake mushrooms, garlic chives, carrots, and wombok.
  • Pork & Wombok Dumplings – Filled with minced pork, wombok, and eschallots.
  • Handmade Chicken & Wombok Dumplings – Stuffed with minced chicken, wombok, and eschallots.


Ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores, delis, greengrocers, food halls, and other gourmet food retailers. Saucy Wench’s wholesale Asian sauces and dumplings will delight your customers, particularly as they are made in Australia.


From sandwich shops to food trucks and cafes to restaurants, foodservice businesses across the board love Saucy Wench’s wholesale Asian sauces and dumplings. Allow Saucy Wench to inspire your menu and be sure to offer the condiments for your customers to add themselves if they choose. With Saucy Wench, there is zero waste because the product cooks straight from frozen, needing no thawing. Steam, pan-fry, or boil.

For more information or to place your first order, contact Saucy Wench today.

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