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Wallaby - Rethinking Bottled Water

Wallaby - Rethinking Bottled Water
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Phone 0417 367 654
Service Area Australia Wide

Wallaby - Rethinking Bottled Water

Premium Australian Spring Water in All-Aluminium Cans and Bottles

Wallaby offers a compelling response to the global single-use plastics crisis threatening our oceans. Poor recycling rates are causing millions of plastic bottles to enter landfill every single day. Wallaby replaces plastic bottles with infinitely recyclable all-aluminium alternatives.

Hard facts about single-use plastic bottles

Australia recycles just 16% of the PET plastic bottles used to package water. Every year, more than 370 million plastic bottles end up in either our oceans or landfill. That’s the equivalent of 11 plastic bottles for every Australian a year! Yet, Australia recycles nearly 70% of aluminium, almost five times that of PET plastic, and close to double the rate of glass and cartons.

90.5% - the proportion of plastic waste that has never been recycled. This was the shocking international statistic for 2018 (as announced by The Royal Statistical Society) that prompted Wallaby's founders to find a solution to our global plastic crisis.

Did you know plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times before it degrades beyond use? Unlike aluminium, which can be recycled infinitely without losing quality or purity.

Why choose Wallaby?

Passionate about sustainable packaging choices, Wallaby substitutes plastic bottles with aluminium-based cans and bottles. Not only are they convenient, environmentally friendly and lightweight, but they’re also stylish, and your customers will be proud to be seen with one in their hands or on their desk.

Still Spring Water in Aluminium

Choose from cans or bottles filled with pure Australian spring water sourced from Millbrook Victoria where the abundant rainfall on Black Mount is captured in the mountains double cone and percolates down the scoria until it strikes a dense lava plug in the throat of the volcano. On the way, the fine lava fragments filter out any particles from the rainwater and add a concentrate of minerals. At this point the purified water moves laterally, emerging as springs on the lower slope of the cone.

  • Rare pH of 8.1
  • High in natural minerals

Still Spring Water 470mL all-aluminium bottle – Designed for people on-the-go, the unique reusable bottle is equipped with a leak-proof screw cap and made from high quality, shatter-proof aluminium. The bottle is super lightweight, and it’s way more recyclable than plastic, glass and even cartons.

Still Spring Water 440ml aluminium cans – Wallaby’s cans are designed for a single dose of pure, fresh spring water. The cans chill faster than plastic, and a traditional ring-pull lid makes instant refreshment easy.


Wallaby is the intelligent choice for a growing number of consumers who prefer not to use plastic bottles but who may be caught out on-the-go without their reusable bottle. It’s an option that proves your business cares about the environment and gives customers a choice in a market flooded by plastic. Keep it nice and cold in the fridge where your customers can easily see it.


Wallaby's aluminium cans and bottles are stylish enough to deserve pride of place on your restaurant or café’s tables. Perfect for boutique hotels, gastro pubs, funky cafes, resorts, sports centres and anywhere where customers are looking for a way to quench their thirst without contributing to our landfill problem.

For more information, contact Wallaby today.

Still range available 1st March 2019 

Sparkling range available end of Q2 2019

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