Byron Bay Chocolate Co

Byron Bay Chocolate Co

Byron Bay Chocolate Co specialises in wholesale chocolate coated nuts, berries, ginger and coffee beans. With a little extra thought – or by reading the information following – you’ll be inspired to present these goodies in ways you may not have considered.

  • Established 20 years ago.
  • Family run business owned by David and Carole O’Connor. Recently joined by son Darren.
  • Based in beautiful Byron Bay.
  • Multi award winning products.
  • Fine quality Australian and imported chocolate is used.
  • Available in dark, white and milk chocolate coatings.
  • Honey roasting of nuts is available, which can then be coated with chocolate.
  • Bulk stocks are carried of many products and are available for immediate delivery.
  • Nuts: almonds, macadamias, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans.
  • Fruits/berries: sultanas, goji berries, cranberries, blueberries.
  • Other: honeycomb, coffee beans, ginger, strawberry raindrops.
  • Some products are available in mixed combos such as Milk & Dark Chocolate Almonds, Milk & Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut.
  • Chocolate coated macadamias are the company’s specialty.
  • The company can produce any quantity from 100kg.
  • Products are positioned in the premium market.
  • Ideal as gifts and well loved by overseas tourists.
  • Promote as snack foods, lunch box treats or as ‘mix-ins’ with ice cream.
  • Foodservice – use as complimentary treats to serve with coffee.

Bulk stock products

The following products are carried in stock at all times and are available for immediate delivery.

  • Macadamia – milk, dark, white
  • Coffee – milk, dark, white
  • Almond – milk, dark
  • Peanuts – dark
  • Sultanas – milk
  • Honeycomb – dark
  • Pecans – dark
  • Ginger – dark
  • Blueberries – dark
  • Strawberries – milk
  • Goji berries – dark
  • Hazelnuts – dark
  • Cranberries – dark
  • Strawberry Rain Drops – flavoured jelly centre
  • Moon Macas – toasted, toffee dipped, covered in milk chocolate, coated in white chocolate and polished
  • Cherries – dark
  • Super Berries – incaberries, cranberries, blueberries, goji berries and cherries
  • Inca Berries – dark (golden berries)


Byron Bay is, in itself, a selling point. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote this virtue to your customers. Position as gift products, snack foods, confectionery, impulse purchases and self-indulgence treats.


Serve a quality product as a complimentary addition to hot beverages. Wonderful on a chocolate buffet, dessert buffet or with High Tea. Ice cream parlours will find these products superb as crushed mix-ins.

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