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How to make Golden Lattes that knock your customers’ socks off!

If you didn’t already know it, golden lattes – otherwise known as golden milk – have been a ‘thing’ since thousands of years ago. When a family member was feeling unwell, a kind-hearted person (probably Mum) would blend up a potion of turmeric, black pepper, other spices and sweetener, usually honey. They’d make a paste and keep it in a jar or some other vessel, then blend it with warm milk to provide a soothing drink full of love and care.

Today, The Bircher Bar makes it supremely simple to whip up one of these vibrant yellow cups o’goodness with their easy-to-use Golden Latte Mix. Home consumers can make them by mixing the powder with a bit of hot water then stirring through hot milk. In cafes, it’s so simple because you have everything you need at your disposal and it takes just seconds to create an inviting, vivid, tasty Golden Latte your customers will adore.

The product itself is an expert blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper. Why black pepper? Well this is needed for the bioavailability of the turmeric, so that the body can extract the anti-inflammatory benefits of the golden root spice. It also adds a mild kick and the ginger and cinnamon flavour the drink beautifully.

How to make Golden Lattes in your café or restaurant

It couldn’t be more straightforward!

The Straight Up

No mucking around; just lovely flavour and colour, as easily as you make a regular latte.

Simply combine a heaped teaspoon of The Bircher Bar Golden Latte Mix with 200ml of coconut milk (or almond or soy milk) plus a little honey in your milk jug. Take your steam wand and steam all the ingredients to the desired temperature. Pour into the serving cup, dust with cinnamon and serve!

The Golden Smoothie

Serve up this number for breakfast any day of the week or promote it as a post-workout treat. It’s so luscious and golden that it makes you feel good even looking at it! Then you drink it and pow! The flavour is divine.

Take a cup of frozen mango, half a cup of frozen banana, half a cup of fresh orange juice, ¾ cup of good coconut yoghurt, a tablespoon of Hemp Protein and don’t forget The Bircher Bar Golden Latte Blend, just a teaspoon. Put it all in a blender and whizz away!

Make a feature of Golden Lattes in store

  • Take some photos and pop them up on social media.
  • Put it on your chalkboard menu in vibrant yellow chalk.
  • Add it to your menu.
  • Offer taste tests when it’s quiet. Make up a small jug of Golden Latte and serve in espresso cups or sampler shot glasses.
  • Encourage customers to post photos on social media, tagging your business and using a hashtag you designate.
  • Do a Golden Latte happy hour at a time when coffee sales are typically low, for instance 3pm. Offer special pricing (or not) or bundle with a treat such as a macaron, cookie bite or protein bite.

Other varieties from The Bircher Bar

There are four flavours in the superfood latte range:

  • Golden Latte Mix
  • Spiced Matcha Mix
  • Spiced Beetroot Mix
  • Cayenne-5-Spice Cacao Mix

Contact The Bircher Bar today to discuss how you can incorporate these products in your menu.

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