Interview - John Fraser - Lincoln Bakery

Interview - John Fraser - Lincoln Bakery

Lincoln Bakery produces a fine range of convenient catering products, designed to make entertaining and catering easier. Their high quality and extensive range of finger food bases and shells enhance presentation, save time in the kitchen and complement a limitless array of delicious fillings.

We chatted with John Fraser, Managing Director about what it feels like to produce the shells and cases that make their clients the star of the show.

FFW:  Your pastry shells and finger food bases are a wonderful starting point for so many incredible canapés and desserts; do you ever feel as though they are like Cinderella before the ball?

LINCOLN BAKERY: Mmmm, Cinderella before the ball….like the groom without the bride or salad without the dressing…..yep, I guess that’s how you could view our products as they leave our premises.  Our specialty is making the right sized shell or let’s say supply the right product for any catering situation be it a huge catered function or a household occasion.  We create our product or supply sourced product with the best of ingredients to complement any filling of the best quality to be finished to the highest standard.

FFW: Aside from pastry shells and cocktail cups, what else do you offer?

LINCOLN BAKERY: Originally our bakery was started with the only product produced being Brandy Snaps.  From there we developed the Brandy Baskets and realised the market for a pastry shell, obviously starting with one size, adding different sizes along the way.  We saw a niche in the market for other products and have sourced a great range both locally and from Europe. During our tenure we have added an air dried pastry shell – a Pie Pot based on a recipe for a Scottish Pie Pot. Also a wonderful addition to the business was the  purchase of Timos, the only Filo pastry manufacturer in N.Z.  In addition to our filo manufacturing plant we have now developed a finished product in both the Pie Pots and Filo Parcels. This wonderfully flavoured product has been available within the food service sector in N.Z. for approximately 18 months and earlier this year, we released a select part of the range into several supermarkets. This new development has been very exciting for us recognising a dream now coming into fruition.  

FFW: Do you offer any gluten free products?

LINCOLN BAKERY: We do have a range of Gluten Free Pastry Shells offered in both sweet and neutral flavours.

FFW: Are your gluten free products manufactured in an environment that prevents cross-contamination?

LINCOLN BAKERY: We do have a completely separate gluten free processing room and baking trays. Our product is regularly laboratory tested and has always resulted in tests showing “no detectable gluten”.

FFW: What kind of shelf life do your products have?

LINCOLN BAKERY: Our Brandy Snap products have a seven (7) month Best Before date.  Our Pastry Shells have a nine (9) month best before date and our Gluten Free Pastry Shells have a nine (9) month Best Before date.

FFW: What’s the most original/creative use of one of your products that you’ve seen to date?

LINCOLN BAKERY: We have been fortunate to have seen the creations of many pastry chefs, caterers and household users and so many creations have been both tasty and eye appealing.  Our recent new retail packaging has some great looking creations all put together by a food stylist. See our website for exciting photos and serving suggestions.

FFW: What kinds of retailers are perfect to stock your products?

LINCOLN BAKERY: Any retailer can stock our products from the big supermarket chain to the little specialty store.

FFW: In what ways do you make it easy for your clients to deal with you?

LINCOLN BAKERY: We have a number of distributors in New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.A. who stock our products.  Our website shows our products in detail and direct email links to all our distributors.  Our listing in Australia with Fine Food Wholesalers gives a great description and once again easy access to contact us.  We have excellent packaging for both our retail and foodservice cartons.  Distributors throughout Australia ensures the shortest possible delivery time.

FFW: Are any of your products vegan or vegetarian?

LINCOLN BAKERY: Yes, our Filo Shells are made with canola oil.  The sweet and savoury pastry shells contain butter and vegetable margarine and the Gluten Free Pastry Shells are butter only.

FFW: What does the future hold for Lincoln Bakery?

LINCOLN BAKERY: We believe Lincoln Bakery has a great future with both growth in the local market and export trade.  The gluten free range opened new markets to the gluten intolerant with still ever increasing numbers of people are reducing their gluten intake.  Our Gluten Free Shells fill a very distinct market niche. We constantly undertake research and development of new products and ensure the continued high quality of our existing range which resulted in the previously mentioned filled finished Pie Pots and Filo Parcels.   Our foodservice program is fully audited to ensure high standards are maintained and we pride ourselves with wonderful staff who have been with us for many years.  Lincoln Bakery have a great lot of people who contribute to our ongoing success right from manufacturing, sale and distribution, through to the end customer.

Lincoln Bakery’s range of convenient, high quality wholesale pastry shells and finger food bases save you time – and therefore money – in the kitchen while helping to create foods with superb presentation. Our frozen filled Pie Pots and Filo Parcels are a great cabinet display product or catering option offering you fully prepared quality goods your customers will enjoy.  Speak with Lincoln Bakery today to find out how their products can work in your business.

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