Interview - Lenka Porubska - Mmmore Raw Treats

Interview - Lenka Porubska - Mmmore Raw Treats

Raw foods are soaring in popularity and for good reason. They’re healthy, tasty and very good lookin’! Founder and Director of Mmmore Raw Treats, Lenka Porubska even created her own unique product, Power Cubes. We talked with Lenka about why her range is different.

FFW: Who is behind Mmmore Raw Treats?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: This would be me, Lenka! It all started in my own little kitchen, so it was a one man show back then. Now there is me and my amazing team; I’d be lying if I said it was just me behind MMMORE.

FFW: What inspired you to create your business?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Back when I started creating raw treats, the options on the market were very limited. I myself have a sweet tooth and always prefer to snack on something that tastes naughty but is actually natural and healthy.

FFW: What are the products you offer at Mmmore?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: We offer raw vegan treats, raw cakes, slices, bars and our own unique raw Power Cubes.

FFW: What are Mmmore’s health and quality virtues?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, no artificial flavours or colours, no preservatives, only raw wholefood ingredients.

FFW: What makes them a guilt-free treat?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: We don’t use any refined sugar in our recipes. All our products are raw, which means they keep their high nutritional value, as nutrients are not destroyed in any processes like baking, heating or roasting. They are not necessarily a low-calorie product, but the calories come from natural ingredients; we like to say that our products are a healthy alternative to a traditional sugary sweet treat.

FFW: Tell us a little more about your Power Cubes.

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Our Power Cubes are our signature product and we love them! So do our customers! They are full of flavour and softer in texture than a traditional protein or bliss ball. They are full of premium ingredients like freeze-dried fruits, nuts, sulphate-free organic coconut and many more. Dates or dried fruits are not the primary ingredients here, therefore the taste and texture are unique, not to mention the shape!

FFW: The Power Cubes seem to be an ideal on-the-go snack to keep in a gym bag, desk drawer or glove box. Have you received feedback from customers as to how they use and enjoy them?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Yes, we teamed up with the team and Hello Fresh and our cubes are a part of their new project, the snack boxes! We have received a huge amount of emails with fantastic feedback; they are a perfect on-the-go snack, a healthy treat after a meal or even a yoghurt topping (who needs granola??).

FFW: Are your products all Paleo-friendly?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Not all of our products are Paleo; in some recipes, we use cold-pressed organic brown rice syrup, which I believe is not Paleo-friendly.

FFW: What’s the shelf life of your foods and do they need to be refrigerated?


Naked wholesale products:

Raw Slices – 3-4 weeks

Raw Bars and Power Cubes – 10-12 weeks

Raw Cakes – 10 days

Packaged Power Cubes – 1 year

Our naked products need to be stored refrigerated, best in an air tight environment. They don’t need to be refrigerated when displayed (except cakes, they need to be refrigerated at all times) but it’s always necessary to store them in the fridge overnight. The packaged products don’t need refrigeration.

FFW: Why is it so important to focus on protein in a snack food or meal replacement?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: We actually don’t focus on protein in our products. We don’t promote our products as protein based, we rather focus on the natural ingredients and the protein they naturally contain.

FFW: Should Mmmore Raw Treats only be consumed by people who are working out or trying to lose weight?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: No not at all. As mentioned before, the calorie content and the ingredients haven’t been chosen to produce a low-calorie treat but a healthier option for all of us to choose.

FFW: What sorts of retailers are selling your products?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Delis, supermarkets, pharmacies, gift shops, gift hamper companies, green grocers; mostly independent retailers.

FFW: And what kinds of foodservice businesses would you like to see offering Mmmore Raw Treats to their customers?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: Airlines, cafes, restaurants, B&Bs, mini bars and catering companies.

FFW: What would you say is the personality of Mmmore Raw Treats?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: We are young, fun and crazy at times! We are not business people per se; we are passionate about our product mostly, but also about building our business. We have high standards and lots of dreams.

FFW: What quality and customer service virtues does Mmmore promote as part of the company’s high standards?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: We are HACCP-certified. We offer great product quality and consistency, reliability and loyalty.

FFW: What’s your favourite Mmmore product?

MMMORE RAW TREATS: My personal favourite is Raw Lemon Chia Slice. Therefore, a tagline – Lenka loves lemon! This recipe is one of my first and I was so happy with it that since my first experiment, I’ve never changed it. I still love it, the soft and at the same time crunchy texture, zesty lemony flavour with a crunch…  Yumm!

FFW: Doesn’t everything sound scrumptious? Imagine how your customers will love these divine raw treats! For more information or to place an order, get in touch with Mmmore Raw Treats today.

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