Interview - Lynne Skene - Get Farmed!

Interview - Lynne Skene - Get Farmed!

Ask a Mum to come up with a food product that’s healthy, lunch box-friendly and school-approved and you just know it will check all the boxes. We spoke with Lynne Skene, Owner/Founder of Get Farmed and learned why she embarked on launching a range of Muesli, Fruit & Nut Bars and Fruit & Seed Bars.

FFW: Who is behind Get Farmed?

GET FARMED: My background as a food scientist led to the development of many products in Australia and Asia. Travel made me realise the value of Australian produce and how we are envied by the rest of the world for our clean and safe food.

My ‘real’ job though is as a mother to two young children and my passion is to supply good, wholesome, healthy food which other families can enjoy.

FFW: What products do you offer?

GET FARMED: We have a breakfast range (Natural Muesli, Toasted Muesli and Porridge Oats) and a snack bar range (Fruit and Nut and Fruit and Seed Bars).

FFW: What is your company’s philosophy?

GET FARMED: We are passionate about supporting Australian farmers and farming communities by only sourcing local ingredients from Australian producers.  We also support local manufacturers by having all of our products blended and packed locally and even source local packaging.

We are also passionate foodies and believe food should be enjoyable, taste good and be healthy as well.

FFW: Is Get Farmed an all-Australian company?

GET FARMED: We are an Australian owned family business and as above we support other Australia businesses.

FFW: What makes your Porridge Oats and Muesli products special?

GET FARMED: We source premium, local ingredients. For example, the almonds in our muesli are thinly sliced with the skin on. This gives good texture and added fibre. It is much more expensive but we believe it gives a superior eating experience.

We also have our oats milled to order which means all of our products are made to order and are of the freshest quality from day one.

FFW: Do you use local ingredients in your products?

GET FARMED: We source all ingredients locally with the exception of the cinnamon in our bars. This is added in very small quantities, however we have been unable to find an Australian cinnamon farmer who can supply us.

At this stage we are the only range of this kind that sources all (99%) of our ingredients locally.

FFW: Do your foods cater for people with intolerances and allergies?

GET FARMED: Our porridge oats are produced in a nut free environment. Our Fruit and Seed bars do not contain nuts and are very popular in lunch boxes for this reason. We do state, however, that there may be traces.

FFW: Tell us about Get Farmed’s quality virtues.

GET FARMED: The fact that we are ‘uniquely’ Australian. We are also a healthy, gourmet product range.

FFW: What do you see as Get Farmed’s positioning?

GET FARMED: Premium, healthy products which are suitable for all age groups. We pride ourselves in being an affordable gourmet range.

FFW: What do you think is Get Farmed’s personality?

GET FARMED: A bit cheeky (Get Farmed!) with edgy/funky packaging.

FFW: What qualities does Get Farmed promote as part of the company’s high standards?

GET FARMED: Only the highest quality Australian ingredients blended and packed to the highest world quality standards.

FFW: Do you provide your customers with point of sale or information material?

GET FARMED: Yes, we have brochures, shelf wobblers and posters.

FFW: How do you suggest retailers promote Get Farmed?

GET FARMED: In store sampling is always good.  As we are new it is good to get customers to try the products.

FFW: If you could have any person as a brand ambassador, who would it be and why?

GET FARMED: This is really hard…. Maggie Beer would be a fantastic brand ambassador as she is passionate about local, Australian products and good quality food. Unfortunately she has her own brand of products.

FFW: What’s your favourite product in the range and how do you enjoy it?

GET FARMED: This is also a hard one…. Every morning I have a bowl of porridge with yoghurt and fresh fruit. Mid-afternoon I usually have a Fruit and Nut Bar with a cup of tea. The breakfast gets me going and the bar keeps me going for the rest of the day. I also love muesli on the weekends layered into a glass with yoghurt and berries as a dessert.

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