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Introducing the MonTen Soda CO2 Canister: Your Café's Ultimate CO2 Solution!

Are you tired of the hassle and inconvenience of searching for CO2 canisters for your SodaStream, Aarke, Phillips, Soda King, or MonTen soda maker? MonTen brings you a range of CO2 canisters that are fully compatible with all these popular machines. Say goodbye to the frustration of limited options and hello to convenience and quality!

We have an exciting proposition for local cafes 

You can become the go-to destination for CO2 refills and establish yourself as the trusted CO2 canister distributor in your local area. By partnering with MonTen, you can create an additional revenue stream while enhancing the customer experience. No longer will your customers have to make extra trips to the supermarket or service station, as they can now purchase their CO2 canisters right at your café!

Imagine the foot traffic your café could generate by offering this unique service. Customers will appreciate the convenience of purchasing their CO2 canisters while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or a refreshing beverage or food item from your menu. Your cafe becomes the one-stop-shop for their carbonation needs, increasing customer loyalty and giving you a competitive edge.

To further amplify your visibility, MonTen will list your café on their website as an authorised MonTen CO2 location. This means that customers in your area can easily find you, boosting your online presence and attracting even more foot traffic to your store.

You'll enjoy an attractive profit margin

MonTen offers an exclusive 35% margin (excluding GST) on their CO2 canisters, ensuring that your café can capitalise on this unique opportunity while enjoying a healthy return on investment. 35% margin ex gst

CO2 Swap and Go

  • 1 refill – RRP $19.00: $6.10 profit
  • 2 refills – RRP $32.00: $10.19 profit
  • 3 refills – RRP $45.00: $14.33 profit

CO2 First Cylinder Purchase

  • 1 cylinder – RRP $33.00: $10.50 profit
  • 2 cylinders – RRP $60.00: $19.11 profit

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to become the local CO2 canister distributor for your community. Join the MonTen CO2 revolution today and elevate your café's offerings to the next level!

Serve Sparkling Water

If your cafe isn’t yet selling sparkling water or bottled water, you can use MonTen soda maker and make 60 litres from 1 CO2 Cylinder. That is just $0.32c per litre.

Contact MonTen to discuss how you can partner together and bring the convenience of MonTen CO2 to your café. Together, you can fizz up your business and create a win-win solution for your customers and your bottom line!

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