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Storing food at the appropriate temperature can be a challenge, particularly during busy periods or when temporary events are happening. The solution is Prestige Modular Coolrooms and we spoke with Sales Manager Marty Lauder about this very clever innovation.

FFW: What does your company specialise in?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: The supply of modular coolrooms for long and short-term hire. We also offer freezer modules.

FFW: What sizes of businesses do you cater for?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: We cater to all businesses that require temporary cool storage, and we have the ability to grow with the client’s business.

FFW: Do you service businesses across Australia?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: Yes, we will service across Australia.

FFW: Are your coolrooms for purchase or for rent/lease?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: The coolrooms are for rent/lease purposes only.

FFW: Can clients order custom sizes or are the modules all the one size?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: The coolrooms that are modular are at a set size of 6m x 3m, but we can customise orders for long term customers who are after smaller size units.

FFW: How are modules able to be added on to one another?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: To increase the size of the coolroom, we remove the side wall on two units. The second unit is transported to site and positioned beside the original on-site coolroom. We have air and water-resistant tape that provides a seal to prevent air loss and the process takes about 20 minutes once on site.

FFW: Does this result in any loss of efficiency?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: The supply of multiple modular coolroom units does not diminish the ability of the units working at their optimum rate. All units work together to maintain the required temperature.

FFW: What is the maximum number of modules that can be joined together?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: There is no maximum number of units that can be linked together.

FFW: What are some of the stand-out features of your modular Coolrooms?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: The ability to be modular to grow with the customers’ requirements. Being 2.85m wide internally allows for movement between the eight pallets. They feature a flat checker plate floor for ease of trolley movement.

FFW: What kinds of clients are using Prestige Modular Coolrooms for their cold storage?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: Wholesale, retail, storage facilities, distribution, wineries, restaurants, caterers, venues.

FFW: Are the coolrooms suitable for outdoor applications?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: Yes, the coolrooms are suitable for outdoor applications as well as internal. All that is required is a reasonably level surface.

FFW: What is the lead time on delivery and installation?

PRESTIGE MODULAR COOLROOMS: If units are not in stock, the lead time on supply of units to site would be 4-5 weeks from ordering.

So now, your coolroom storage issues are solved! Prestige’s innovation solution will ensure you remain compliant with food safety regulations, even when your fridges and freezers are full to overflowing. Contact Prestige Modular Coolrooms today.

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