The art of mindful drinking

The art of mindful drinking

As a society, we are thinking more about our lifestyle and wellness routines than ever before and this considered approach has trickled over into our drinking habits.  It’s a movement, which in recent years has been given a name: Mindful Drinking.

Mindful Drinking is all about having drinking goals.  It could be kicking the habit forever, just for the weekend or savouring just one glass of your favourite tipple.  Grace Enright Burns, Content Writer for Hello Sunday Morning, says in her Huffington Post article “If you want to drink mindfully, you need to first pause and ask yourself whether you want the alcohol or not”. 

An obvious question then is ‘what’s the alternative? ‘

Wood Lane BeveragesAt Wood Lane Beverages, we wanted to address this quandary by mindfully crafting a truly memorable sipping experience.  Our vision was to create something relaxing, yet non-alcoholic, healthy, yet a little bit luxe.  The inclusion of botanical extracts known for relaxation allows for a relaxing drinking experience, without the alcohol. “These non alcoholic bubbles look like an exciting alternative to sparkling water,” says @sarahshanahan_lifetyle

The number of people giving up or reducing alcohol consumption is definitely growing.  In his co-authored article ‘Don’t believe the hype, teens are drinking less than they used to’ Dr Michael Livingston, UNSW says “Data recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that alcohol consumption in Australia has reached its lowest point since the early 1960’s, having declined steadily since the mid-2000’s.”​​​​

From Millennials with their clean living habits to Gen X and Baby Boomers wanting to improve their overall health & wellness, our favourite bars, cafes and restaurants around Australia are consciously looking to accommodate their patron’s choices.

Our Relaxation Botanicals offer a ready-to-drink range of 3 Australian Native flavours to explore: Blueberry & Native Finger Lime; Lemon Myrtle & Murray Rock Salt; Pomegranate & Davidson Plum.  Straight from the bottle or over ice, this pairing of unexpected flavour combinations definitely spices up the non-alcoholic drinks menu.

​​For the mindful drinker looking to indulge, a recent term of endearment for our drinks was ‘mindful mixer’.  With natural flavours & colours and no added sugar, our Relaxation Botanicals are delicious mixed with your favourite spirit.  Home-mixologist @marniehawson says “one of the new flavours from Wood Lane Beveragess is Lemon Myrtle and Murray Rock Salt and will be PERFECT to pair with tequila on a hot day”.

Mindful drinking is essentially part of a balanced approach to wellness and we are proud to be able to support this movement.  By offering a sophisticated yet playful alternative, we’re here to help you perfect the art of mindful drinking. 

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