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You know what’s fabulous about dips? So much, it’s hard to know where to start!! A dip can be so basic and yet so scrumptious. Dips can be healthy or indulgent, simple or complex, include flavour inspiration from across the globe and can be used in so many different ways.

At The Spice Trading Company, their gourmet dips are so incredibly versatile that we believe every home pantry should be stocked with the various flavours. Let’s start with the six incredible Gourmet Dip mixes, shall we?

Whatever the craving, there’s a Gourmet Dip mix to satisfy it. Maybe the mood is set for something spicy. In that case Holy Chilli Guacamole, Rockin’ Moroccan or Perky Pumpkin & Chilli would be ideal. Or perhaps something a little on the mild side; that’s when Wild Beetroot & Onion, Dreamy Carrot and Nutmeg and Magical Mint and Coriander come into play. Whatever the choice, they can be customised exactly to the consumer’s liking … low fat, super creamy, extra spicy or mild and subtle. Fresh herbs and vegetables can be thrown in as desired.

Dips are crowd pleasers. Who doesn’t love to pick up a chip, a cracker or a vegetable crudité and scoop up some tasty dip? But dips don’t have to be used just as, well, dips. They can be spread on sandwiches instead of butter or mayo; use the dry ingredients as a Seasoning Mix and they can be added to salad dressings, crumb coatings, stuffing mixtures and so much more.

The beauty of the dips from The Spice Trading Company is that they are dry mixes which can be stored in the pantry. That means they don’t take up valuable fridge space, they can be customised with sour cream, yoghurt or cream cheese.  Add the seasoning mix to a tomato based dish or sauce and they will add instant inspiration to meals, snacks and picnic foods at a moment’s notice. And don’t forget, dry dip mixes can stay in the pantry for months whereas refrigerated dips are often opened and forgotten, resulting in waste.

The wonderful thing about all of this is that your customers can stock up on their favourite flavours and keep them on hand for when they need them. All you need to do is educate them on the true value of The Spice Trading Company’s fabulous gourmet dip mixes that are ‘all natural with no colours, preservatives and are gluten free’!

Here’s how you can add more dollars to your bottom line by educating customers:

  • Position at point of sale for no-brainer impulse purchases.
  • Position with ingredient products such as sour cream, yoghurt – soy or dairy, coconut, crudité vegetables, breads or crackers.
  • Hold a taste testing stand and show customers how easy it is to create outstanding dips in mere minutes.
  • Appeal to your creative customers and talk about The Spice Trading Company’s dips on your social media pages. Ask them how they would enjoy or serve them.
  • Pass around dips with accompaniments when the store is exceptionally busy. People appreciate thoughtfulness.
  • Provide ideas on your social media pages. You could even create 60-second YouTube videos showing your customers how to turn dry dip mixes into amazing flavour enhancers for meats, vegetables, seafood and rice or pasta dishes.

Whether for entertaining or for snacking alone, dips are a fantastic all-rounder. Why don’t you check out the range of gourmet dip mixes at The Spice Trading Company? The more you know about them, the better you can sell them to your customers!

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