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Alfie's Food Co
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Alfie's Food Co

Wholesale Nut Butters

Alfie’s Food Co produces wholesale nut butters that are a rich source of protein, full of healthy unsaturated fats and vitamins. Just one spoonful is a powerhouse of goodness. That’s if you can stop at just one spoonful! Alfie’s puts lots of care into every jar so that the flavour is consistently delicious and the texture is perfect. Smooth or crunchy, it’s your choice.

The range

Gourmet wholesale nut butters

Cling to your favourite or explore them all. Nut butters are an excellent way of getting more protein into your diet and can add flavour, texture and thickness to an endless array of recipes.

  • Crunchy Peanut Butter – Dry roasted Australian-grown peanuts are transformed into irresistible peanut butter. Big ‘n’ chunky peanuts for those who like a bit of texture on their toast. Available in 300g, 500g and 800g.
  • Smooth Peanut Butter– Velvety and buttery, a classic smooth peanut butter. Available in 300g, 500g and 800g.
  • Smooth Dark Roasted Peanut Butter– Roasted at the perfect temperature to bring out the richest notes, in a velvet-smooth texture. Available in 300g, 500g and 800g.
  • Crunchy Dark Roasted Peanut Butter– Roasted at high temperature to give a rich profile and robust flavour, with Alfie’s crunchy texture. Available in 300g, 500g and 800g.
  • Almond Butter – For the discerning breakfaster, Alfie’s all-natural Almond Butter is made from only the finest Australian-grown almonds, dry roasted to bring out their tasty oils and ground in Melbourne. Smooth and delicious, high in protein, free of dairy, preservatives and sugar, vegan and low FODMAP. Available in 250g and 800g.
  • Pistachio & Almond Butter – A creamy, luscious butter made with nothing but almonds and pistachios. Available in 250g.
  • Alfie’s Almond, Brazil & Cashew (ABC) Butter – Full-bodied flavour with evergreen almonds, brazen Brazil nuts and velvety cashews. Available in 250g.
  • Alfie’s Cashew Butter – Smooth and classy, this dry roasted cashew butter is for the nut butter power user! Available in 250g.
  • Alfie’s Almond Butter (Organic) – Made from 100% organic Australian almonds, gluten free, pesticide free, dairy, preservative and sugar free, vegan and low FODMAP. Available in 250g.


Stock the Alfie’s range of wholesale nut butters for your health-conscious customers who appreciate home-grown goodness and clean ingredients.


You’ll appreciate the quality and consistency of the Alfie’s range of wholesale nut butters which can also be used as condiments. Ideal for sandwich outlets, Asian eateries, cafes, restaurants and pubs.

For more information or to place an order, contact Alfie’s today.

More information about Alfie's Food Co

Interview - Alfies Food Co - Sam Kagan

We’ve come a long way since the days of peanut butter in two varieties – smooth and crunchy. We spoke with Sam Kagan, Managing Director of Alfie’s Food Co about his company’s outstanding range of all-natural nut butters. It turns out they’re really good for you and quite gourmet! Click here

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