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The Australian Bone Broth Co.

The Australian Bone Broth Co.
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Service Area Australia Wide

The Australian Bone Broth Co.

Wholesale 100% Australian Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

The Australian Bone Broth Co. is an Australian family-owned business that helps consumers take advantage of all the fantastic health benefits of pure, all-natural beef bone broth. They’ve made it extra convenient so consumers don’t have to shop for and prepare the ingredients or have the broth cooking at home for many hours. Simply stir into a cup of hot water and enjoy.

High-quality natural bone broth is a powerful food to incorporate into your daily diet. It nourishes the body to help fight illness and boost the immune system. Its high protein content helps to repair the body, speed up injury recovery, promote pro- and prebiotic balance, promote healthy bone density and strength, reduce digestive disorders and increase collagen intake.

The amino acids present in bone broth assist with improving sleep quality and reducing daytime fatigue. Furthermore, gut health is directly related to brain health; consuming a quality bone broth helps to heal and nourish the gut which, in turn, positively impacts the brain.

The Australian Bone Broth Co. uses ethically-sourced premium marrow leg bones from healthy, grass-fed and finished beef. These bones are the best part of the animal to deliver the richest, most delicious broth. Simply add 1 teaspoon of either of the varieties to a cup of 100ml of hot water for a satisfying hot beverage. You can add whatever you like to your cup of broth such as spices, pepper, fish sauce, chopped fresh herbs, raw butter and dried chilli.

  • No artificial additives
  • No preservatives
  • 100% natural
  • 100% Australian
  • Gluten free, dairy free, soy free

Bone Broth Concentrates

The company’s concentrated beef bone broths contain only grass-fed and finished beef bones, plus a little evaporated sea salt. The bone broth concentrates provide a rich food source that can be used in many ways throughout your diet. It’s suitable for the Keto and FODMAP diets, convalescing and for those with various food sensitivities. Australian Bone Broth Co’s unique broth preparation method ensures that all the valuable, nutrient-dense benefits are extracted from the bones and condensed into a tasty broth that is easy to consume and digest. Available in glass jars with pop seal caps. Refrigerate once opened.

  • Natural Beef Bone Broth Concentrate – Nothing but pure, grass-fed beef flavour, seasoned with a little evaporated sea salt. Ingredients: 100% Australian Beef Bone Broth (88%) Naturally evaporated sea salt.
  • Turmeric Beef Bone Broth Concentrate + Collagen Peptides – This golden bone broth incorporates beef collagen peptides, turmeric, ginger and black pepper. It’s a spicy blend that will nourish your mind, body and soul. Ingredients: 100% Australian Beef Bone Broth (80%) Beef collagen peptides, Ground Turmeric (0.7%) Ground Ginger and Black Pepper.
  • Five Herbs Bone Broth Concentrate with Italian Herbs + Beef Collagen Peptides – Created to boost the collagen protein and herb power in the bone broth, 5 Herbs is a powerful broth with additional healing benefits. Ingredients: 100% Australian bone broth (80%), Beef Collagen Peptides, Dried Italian herbs (1.3%) Basil, Marjoram, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme.
  • Halal Beef Bone Broth Concentrate – Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Beef Bone Broth (88%) Naturally evaporated sea salt.

Freeze-Dried Bone Broth Powder

Dehydrated bone broth was developed to provide a ready-to-go option for camping, hiking and travelling or for pure convenience. It requires no refrigeration and can be made as simply as the concentrates by stirring into hot water.

  • Natural Beef Bone Broth Freeze-Dried Powder – FODMAP-friendly and with all the wonderful goodness found in the concentrates, the freeze-dried powder is lightweight, easy to carry anywhere and is shelf-stable. Available in 100g resealable pouches.


Be ready for your FODMAP, Paleo, low carb and food sensitivity customers. Australian Bone Broth Co’s products offer tons of flavour as well as tons of nourishing benefits. Offer your customers taste tests. Bone broth is food from our grandparents’ days where it was consumed daily. Made with premium grass-fed and finished beef, everything in the range is of the highest quality.


Australian Bone Broth Co’s products provide you with easy-to-use, grass-fed bone broths that don’t require you to spend hours preparing. Serve cups of piping hot bone broth – either from concentrate or powder – in your café or restaurant, add concentrate to your sauces, marinades and stocks.

To find out more or to place your first order, get in touch with Australian Bone Broth Co today.

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