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Posh Foods

Posh Foods
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Service Area NSW, VIC, SA

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Phone 1300 726 898
Service Area NSW, VIC, SA

Posh Foods

Wholesale Savoury Foods Supplier

With an extensive range of savoury items, Posh Foods ensures your display cabinet has the right mix of scrumptious foods that will keep your customers coming back time after time. For fresh, preservative-free food, they are a reliable supplier for cafes and delis around the country.

Believing that food should be a treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds, much time and effort is spent on quality presentation and perfecting flavour combinations. From savoury pastries to quiches and bakes - you’re absolutely spoilt for choice.

Filo Pastries

Always popular for their golden, crisp pastry and scrumptious fillings.

  • Chicken & Mushroom
  • Spinach & Feta
  • Cajun Chicken
  • Balsamic Pulled Pork
  • Premium Minced Beef

Gourmet Rolls

Crispy, golden and heavenly comfort food to get through a busy day’s work or to enhance a social occasion.

  • Chorizo Sausage
  • Spinach & Feta
  • Pumpkin & Chilli Ricotta
  • Beef & Fennel
  • Posh Sausage (our take on a plain sausage roll)


Posh Foods’ 4” quiches are ideal for individual lunches or to be served on a catered buffet. With a delectable shortcrust pastry and quality fillings, they are just the right size for a quick meal. The large 8" family quiches makes the perfect healthy mid-week meal when served with a side of salad.

  • Quiche Lorraine (4" or 8")
  • Pumpkin, Feta and Capsicum (4")
  • Smoked Salmon (4")
  • Leek & Cheese (4")
  • Spinach & Ricotta (8")
  • Mixed Veggie (8")


Posh Foods is a savoury specialist and they have released a range of pies everyone's talking about!

  • Beef & Mushroom
  • Beef Bolognaise
  • Chicken & Leek
  • Chicken & Shiitake Mushroom
  • Chunky Beef
  • Premium Beef Mince
  • Thai Chicken Curry
  • Tradie (beef, bacon & cheese)


Light & flourless, fantastic for a light meal or snack. Serve with a salad, chips or on its own.

  • Mediterranean
  • Spinach & Feta
  • Pumpkin & Feta
  • Bacon, Corn & Leek


Layers of wonderful pasta and fillings that will make anyone’s mouth water. Available in large size to cut into desired serving sizes.

  • Classic Beef Bolognaise
  • Pumpkin, Spinach, Pesto & Ricotta
  • Cajun Chicken, Rocket & Sun Dried Tomato


Easy to heat, easy to serve, eagerly devoured.

  • Yaya-Style Spinach Pie
  • Zucchini Bacon Slice
  • Potato Bacon Bake


A dish originating from Eastern Europe/Western Asia with filo pastry carefully layered with fillings. In a convenient 8" size, serves 4.

  • Bacon & Cheese
  • Sausage Mince
  • Spinach & Feta
  • Tasty Feta


A type of South American pastry, they're pockets full of flavour.

  • Chunky Beef with capsicum
  • Beef Mince with olives
  • Chicken with garlic

Ready Meals

All the family favourites in 330g size with microwave-safe and oven-safe recyclable packaging.

  • Classic Beef Bolognaise
  • Pumpkin, Spinach, Pesto & Ricotta
  • Cajun Chicken, Rocket & Sun Dried Tomato
  • Zucchini Bacon Bake


Posh Foods range of mini items are definite crowd-pleasers; full of flavour all in bite-size.

  • Filos - Chicken & Mushroom, Spinach & Feta
  • Rolls - Chorizo, Spinach & Feta, Pumpkin & Ricotta
  • Quiches - Loraine, Spinach, Salmon, Veggie, Chicken & Mushroom
  • Frittatas - Mediterranean, Pumpkin & Feta, Spinach & Feta, Bacon Corn & Leek

Fresh, Tasty, Handmade

Posh Foods is dedicated to providing their customers with the very best and thus uses the highest quality ingredients to make fresh food that isn't frozen before they reach you. Your customers will be able to taste the difference.

No matter the size or type of store, they can be counted on to brighten up your display with tempting savoury options. Delivering throughout Sydney and across Australia, Posh Foods is your reliable supplier of fresh, tasty and handmade food.

More information about Posh Foods

Posh Foods - 2020 Catalogue

Fresh, Tasty and Handmade. Appealing to the eyes and taste buds, everything is fresh and handmade. Posh Foods never freeze products before they reach you, and you can taste the difference. Click here

Posh Foods

A food cabinet brimming with enticing, fresh, attractive goodies can be a real money-spinner. At Posh Foods, the food has to not only taste exceptional but must also look incredible! After all, we eat with our eyes before we even smell or taste a food. Here, we tell you more about Posh Foods’ range and give you a little more insight into the brand and the foods themselves. Click here

Interview - Zez Ni - Posh Foods

For more than thirty years, Posh Foods have been supplying delicious home style foods to cafes, delis and food halls. We spoke with Managing Director, Zez Ni about the company’s history, its philosophy of ‘food must look good as well as taste good’ and what’s coming up in new lines. Click here

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