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JEEERKS Beef Jerky

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JEEERKS Beef Jerky
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JEEERKS Beef Jerky
JEEERKS Beef Jerky
JEEERKS Beef Jerky
JEEERKS Beef Jerky
JEEERKS Beef Jerky
JEEERKS Beef Jerky
JEEERKS Beef Jerky


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JEEERKS Beef Jerky

Packed with protein, low in fat, gluten free and full of flavour, jerky can be enjoyed, guilt-free, any time any day. Its high protein, gluten free and low carbohydrate nutritional profile makes it a surprisingly filling munchie that helps to avoid overdoing the snack foods. And its delicious flavour means it’s a satisfying, fulfilling mouthful every time. Contrary to the belief that jerky is an unhealthy food, Founder Pip Clark is keen to educate consumers and advises that it is a superior food to chips, nuts and lollies.

JEEERKS Beef Jerky is commercially produced in Brisbane in the company’s HACCP-accredited facility. A little different to any other jerky, its unique and quirky branding allows Jeeerks to suit a wide range of clientele. Currently available in three flavours which come in soft or hard.

The product is currently supplied to a number of IGAs, service stations, pubs, surf clubs, sports clubs, bowls clubs, fruit markets, butchers, bottle shops, taverns, snack bars, theme parks and convenience stores.

JEEERKS Beef Jerky is low in fat, high in protein, gluten free and has tons of flavour! Available in 50g retail packs that are colourful and eye-catching, they make brilliant impulse purchases so place them at point of sale. As the company says: “A bag of JEEERKS a day keeps the munchies at bay!” Made with quality ingredients, your customers will love the flavours and be back for more.

Original Beef Jerky

A classic blend of herbs and spices makes for a wonderfully rich and rounded flavour. It’s the perfect snack for any time of day. Available in soft and hard.

BBQ Beef

A slightly smoky, well rounded barbecue infused jerky to munch on-the-go and keep hunger at bay. Available in soft and hard.

Chilli Beef Jerky

For those who like their food with a bit of kick! Chilli JEEERKS ignites the tastebuds. It is perfectly spiced with just the right amount of heat. Available in soft and hard.

Based at Kirra on the Gold Coast, JEEERKS Beef Jerky is a local Aussie product with a quirky personality. Why not consider stocking it in your store and offering your customers an alternative to high sugar, high fat, high carb options?

To discuss your requirements or to place your first order, contact JEEERKS Beef Jerky today.

Interviews and Product Guides

Cooking with Beef Jerky

JEEERKS Beef Jerky is one of the best snacks around, but lately we’ve been getting creative in the kitchen and adding it to some of our favourite things to eat. It’s really versatile, and helps to spruce up some of our favourite recipes. Click here to read the full article

JEEERKS - Revolutionising beef jerky

Frustrated with the quality of beef jerky available, a young human resources manager from Kirra in Queensland took a bold step: making her own tasty, traditional and nutritional beef jerky. Two years on, clever enterprising and hard work has put JEEERKS on the path to becoming the leading beef jerky in the country. Click here to read the full article

JEEERKS Beef Jerky

Consumers are always looking for new snack foods to enjoy, so it’s an added bonus to find one that is healthy, guilt free and very satisfying. We spoke with Pip Clark, Direct or JEEERKS Pty Ltd about her range of 100% Australian beef jerky products that are doing great business at point of sale in a diverse array of retail environments. Click here to read the full article

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