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Molives – Australian Table Olives

Molives – Australian Table Olives
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Mobile 0432 434 887
Service Area Australia Wide

Molives – Australian Table Olives

Gourmet Australian olives that come in convenient, smart packaging!

Molives®: The New Generation of Olives

Molives® are sealed in easy-to-open 250g pouches:

  • No refrigeration required
  • No fuss; no liquid; no mess 
  • Always fresh and delicious

You will enjoy just how easy Molives® are to store and serve. Your customers will enjoy just how divinely delectable they taste.

Molives® is a Sydney based company. Our mission is to produce quality, artisan gourmet olives for all our discerning customers. Our passion for olives allows us to find the finest, most nutritious olives and constantly push the boundaries to create new gourmet olive products. 

We support Australian farmers directly, working closely with the source and selecting the best, freshest quality olives.

Molives® For Cafes: 

  • Consistent quality and taste; tear and serve with minimal effort.
  • A healthy and locally grown offering your customers will appreciate.
  • Easy to add to dishes:  either slice the stuffed olives, or make your own marinade with the pitted Kalamata olives.
  • Can be served as part of a dish and offered as a product for your customers to purchase afterwards.
  • No cool room space is required.
  • Portions are 250g only; no need to worry about refrigeration, simply open what is needed for the day. 

Molives® For Wine Bars:

  • Tasty, healthy and less fattening than nuts; an offering that will surely impress your customers.
  • No cool room space required.
  • Lemon olives are perfect for martinis; they come with minimal oil coating.
  • A high margin product that you can serve on its own.
  • Portions are 250g only; no need to worry about refrigeration, just open what is needed for the day.

Molives® For Bottle Shops:

  • The perfect upsell product.
  • A great complement for chips and nuts.
  • 6-month shelf life.
  • Stand-alone point of sales solutions offered. 
  • High priced item, no need to sell volumes. 
  • Not a mainstream product; repeat purchases are highly likely.

Molives® Product Range:

  • Seasonal Mix Table Olives
    100% Australian olives sourced from A-grade growers. Salt reduced and marinated and packed by the Molives® team, they offer excellent presentation as well as outstanding flavour, thanks to the addition of rosemary and chilli. All natural, with no artificial colours, chemicals or additives. Supplied in a 250g pouch.
  • Pitted Kalamata
    Succulent and flavoursome, pitted kalamatas are even loved by children! Stir through pasta with olive oil, chilli and basil or boost the level of flavour in a picnic baguette. Or, simply enjoy with cubes of fetta and slices of crusty bread. Supplied in a 250g pouch.
  • Dried Kalamata Olives
    Flavoured with oregano and garlic, these dried kalamatas are perfect for pizza toppings, to toss through salads or to serve on a cheese board or antipasto platter. Supplied in a 150g pouch.
  • Hand-Stuffed Lemon Olives
    Fresh local lemons are used in these lovely olives, hand-stuffed for extra care. Add to a Moroccan tagine or a lamb stew or serve atop a moussaka, straight out of the oven for a lemony accent. Supplied in a 250g pouch.
  • Hand-Stuffed Chilli Olives
    Ruby red slices of chilli accentuate the appearance of these olives which are perfect for those who like a bit of ‘bite’ to their food. Hand-stuffed for extra care, they will add effortless good looks to any dish. Supplied in a 250g pouch.
  • Hand-Stuffed Almond Olives 
    Hand-stuffed almond olives go hand in hand with Middle Eastern cuisine. Create a bed of couscous for roast meats on an attractive platter then decorate with the olives. They also make an ideal snack to enjoy with beer or chilled white wine. Supplied in a 250g pouch.

About Molives®

  • Shelf life: 6 months 
  • Ambient storage
  • Delivery: Nationwide


Stock the olives your customers deserve. Produced locally to extremely high standards, the quality is exceptional and the flavour makes Molives® a food they’ll enjoy consuming themselves and be proud to serve to guests.


Molives® makes it so easy to serve beautiful olives that have an obvious freshness. Don’t settle for less than the best. Presentation, flavour and texture are all top of the line with Molives®.

To enquire further, place an order or to discuss your specific requirements, contact Molives® today.

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Gourmet Australian olives that come in convenient, smart packaging! No refrigeration required. No fuss; no liquid; no mess. Always fresh and delicious. Click here

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