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The VEGE CHIP Company

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The VEGE CHIP Company
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21 Villiers Drive
Gold Coast
QLD 4223


Phone: 07 5525 0670

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Vege Chips

For over 25 years, the Vege Chip Company has been a trusted household name for healthy snacks. An Australian owned company, Vege Chips – the original cassava snack – are gluten free, soy free and do not contain MSG or any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Offering a health conscious alternative to the proliferation of other snack foods on the market, Vege Chips have been developed to be friendly to most diet types, free from nasty additives and low in fat. 100% natural, Vege Chips are ethically sourced from local and imported ingredients.

Vege Chips are cooked in 100% sunflower oil which means they contain up to 90% less saturated fat than chips cooked in palm oil. They contain no harmful trans fats.

Vege Chips – the original cassava snack

The well-loved snack that started it all. Cooked in sunflower oil, these unique light and crunchy cassava chips are loaded with flavour.

  • Natural
    The original and some say still the best. Just the right amount of subtle flavours.
  • Chicken Style
    Loaded with flavour, it will be hard to resist this one!
  • Salt & Vinegar
    Seriously vinegar, totally delicious; everybody’s favourite.
  • Barbecue
    The familiar BBQ tang with a tantalising hint of pepper.
  • Sweet & Sour
    Sweet and tangy oriental flavour.
  • Vege Chips Multi Pack
    12 foil packets including 3 x Natural; 3 x Barbecue; 3 x French Onion; 3 x Sweet & Sour.

Vege Deli Crisps

Thanks to their robust and mature flavour, they qualify as an authentic & delicious Gluten Free deli snack

  • Deli Crisps Original
    Deli Crisps are slightly sweet, slightly savoury & always delicious. With their robust and mature flavour, Deli Crisps more than qualify as an authentic deli snack.Deli Crisps are made from healthy Sweet Potato and Taro roots.
  • Deli Chia Crisps
    Vege Deli Chia Crisps have a seriously crunchy texture with the added advantages of Chia. We have also included ingredients such as galangal (ginger), red chilli, and green shallot for added flavour.
  • Deli Lentil Crisps
    Vege Deli Lentil Crisps are a smooth lentil and potato blend. These melt in your mouth crisps are a source of protein which is rarely found in Crisps. They can be included as a meal accompaniment, or as a buttery tasty snack without the butter fat.
  • Deli Turmeric Crisps
    Vege Deli Turmeric Crisps have a gourmet taste in a gluten free crisp. We trialled these Turmeric Crisps up against the market leading healthy gluten free chips in a university taste test, and they came out number one in taste and texture!

Stock and watch your customers’ faces light up when they see this healthy alternative. The perfect impulse purchase, they contribute mindless dollars to your daily bottom line. Position with dips and other accompaniments and be sure to keep some at your point of sale for a quick grab and go. Ideal for grocers, supermarkets, delis, greengrocers, health food stores, gyms, cafes, petrol stations and anywhere where customers seek quick snacks.

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Interviews and Product Guides

The Vege Chip Company

The Vege Chip Co produces a range of smart, healthy and irresistible snacks that replace greasy, over-processed chips in the marketplace. Embraced by snack-lovers all over the country, Vege Chips come in an increasing number of flavours and are entirely gluten free. We spoke with Sales & Marketing Administrator Nicole Jordan and discovered a company with a passion for delighting customers with healthy, infinitely munch-worthy treats. Click here to read the full article

The VEGE CHIP Company

Vege Chips have been satisfying eager snack-seekers looking for a healthier alternative for more than 20 years. Read more about the products and flavours that your customers will thank you for stocking. Click here to read the full article

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