Interview - Sonia Jabbour - Oregano Scrolls

Interview - Sonia Jabbour - Oregano Scrolls

Remember the good old Chelsea bun of your childhood? Well it’s back and it’s now available in an extraordinary array of varieties! We spoke with Sonia Jabbour, owner of Oregano Scrolls and discovered a new world of pillowy scrolls. You won’t believe the flavours!

FFW: What can you tell us about the business of Oregano Scrolls?

OREGANO SCROLLS: Oregano Bakery has been around for nine years. After the first six months at the

bakery, the scrolls came onto the scene to generate money for the bakery.

FFW: What do you offer to customers?

OREGANO SCROLLS: We offer the best handmade scrolls you’ll ever taste!

FFW: What’s behind the name, if your scrolls don’t have oregano in them?

OREGANO SCROLLS: Oregano Bakery was opened in May 2010 as a little Lebanese bakery. Things were tough back then and to generate money, my husband Tony decided to make a scroll. It took off, hence the name Oregano Scrolls.

FFW: What made you come up with a range of scrolls?

OREGANO SCROLLS: My husband started with the famous cinnamon and the demand for flavours started flowing in.

FFW: What makes scrolls different from other popular baked goodies like macarons and cupcakes?

OREGANO SCROLLS: Our scrolls are handmade and have a generous quantity of fillings in them. They are soft, moist and quite filling to eat.

FFW: Do you offer any retro flavours?

OREGANO SCROLLS: We have 19 flavours and our retro ones include Chelsea bun, cinnamon and apple cinnamon.

FFW: And how did you come up with the really novel ones like Banoffee, Peanut Butter & Jam and Tahini & Pistachio?

OREGANO SCROLLS: One of our friends begged us to make the Tahini & Pistachio and as for the rest, they have all been Tony’s ideas, to please different customers’ tastebuds.

FFW: What sort of feedback do you receive from retailers, hospitality businesses and end consumers regarding your scrolls?

OREGANO SCROLLS: They love them, especially the fact that they have layers of flavour throughout each scroll and they are satisfyingly filling.

FFW: What virtues does Oregano Scrolls boast by way of illustrating the company’s high standards of product and customer service?

OREGANO SCROLLS: They are handmade, and we are HACCP approved. Also, our service is amazing; if we can’t get them to you through our courier services, I go and deliver them myself because we never like to disappoint.

FFW: Aside from cafes and restaurants, what other foodservice businesses are Oregano Scrolls?

OREGANO SCROLLS: We have been at the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne, we are in school tuckshops, we are on the menu at ANZ Stadium and we’re in talks with Qantas to be served to their Business Class customers.

FFW: Would you say the scrolls are suitable for kids?

OREGANO SCROLLS: Yes, they are! We have our Fairy Bread scroll which the kids love, and we make three sizes: mini, small and large.

FFW: What is their shelf life?

OREGANO SCROLLS: The cinnamon can last up to 5 days unrefrigerated and more than 6 months frozen. The flavours last up to 4 days without refrigeration and several months in the freezer.

FFW: How wide is your delivery area?

OREGANO SCROLLS: We have our online delivery which is 20km from South Hurstville as well as Distributors that deliver all over Sydney.

FFW: How do you make doing business with you easy for your clients? [e.g. low minimum orders, point of sale materials, free samples, mixed orders, etc.]

OREGANO SCROLLS: I offer a lot of free samples; that’s how the business has grown. We also have an online ordering system for customers as well as for Distributors.

FFW: What’s your favourite thing about your business?

OREGANO SCROLLS: My customers and staff.

FFW: What would be the top 3 flavours of your scrolls?

OREGANO SCROLLS: The standout favourites are the Cinnamon, the Nutella Banana, and Cookies & Cream.

FFW: Have you tried Oregano Scrolls yet? One taste and you’ll be sold! Why not take a look at offering these beautiful buns to your customers. Give Oregano Scrolls a call and request some sample product today.

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