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Barossa Fine Foods

Barossa Fine Foods
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Phone 08 8255 3900
Service Area Australia Wide

Barossa Fine Foods

Australia's Most Awarded Smallgoods Maker

Four generations of the Knoll family have drawn on their German heritage to create the finest smallgoods and charcuterie using traditional recipes and methods. The Knolls and their family business – Barossa Fine Foods – are well known across the country for their premium quality and attention to detail when creating to traditional recipes. Every product is naturally gluten free and with the most diverse smallgoods product range in Australia, there is plenty of scope to choose from to suit a vast array of tastes and customer demands.

The best free range and sustainably-farmed fresh meats are sourced from the Barossa Valley and regional South Australia. Barossa Fine Foods have won countless awards for their products, which is a testament to the quality of the ingredients and the craftsmanship that goes into every item they produce.

Most orders are shipped up to twice weekly into all major markets via the company’s national direct-to-store distribution system. Barossa Fine Foods, also works very closely with a select group of distributors in each state.

Fresh Sausages

  • Sausages  Beef, Bratwurst, Cambridge, Chicken & Mango, Free Range Chicken, Cumberland, Free Range Turkey, Italian Hot & Mild, Kangaroo, Nurenberger Bratwurst, Steak, Wagyu, Boerewors, Cambridge Chipolatas, Chevapchichi, Chicken Basil & Sun Dried Tomato, Country low fat, Duck & Veal, French Merguez, Italian Mild, Mississippi, Pork & Mushroom, Sausage meat, Turkish Lamb, Wild Herb & Mustard.

Smallgoods range

The following is an indicative list of the range of wholesale smallgoods available from Barossa Fine Foods. For the full list, see the company’s website.

  • Cooked/smoked sausage – Air dried chorizo, cheese kransky, ‘bum burner’, black pudding, Fritz, Droewors South African style, Thuringer bratwurst, white pudding.
  • Salami/mettwurst – Brandy mettwurst, garlic mettwurst, csabai, Louis XIV, Landjaeger, sopressa, zerverlatwurst.
  • Premium smallgoods – Bierwurst, cooked tongue, leberkase, mortadella, presswurst, pistachio meatloaf, paprika pariser.
  • Liverwurst – Country leberwurst, Dutch coarse leberwurst, German fine leberwurst, kalbs leberwurst, Latvian leberwurst.
  • Ham – Barossa ham, gypsy ham, speck, herb ham, schinken speck, soccerball ham, Leg Ham.
  • Bacon – Dry cured lachschinken, fat speck, kassler chops, meaty speck, pancetta, federation bacon, kassler loin boneless.
  • Beef smallgoods – Biltong, dried beef, New York style pastrami, roast beef, schulz smoked wagyu, corned beef.
  • Pate & terrine – Black pepper port pate, orange liqueur pate, farmhouse pate, duck & walnut pate, duck terrine, chicken & almond pate, French pate.
  • Game smallgoods – Kangaroo mettwurst, kangaroo pepperoni, smoked kangaroo.
  • Nitrite free organic smallgoods – Nitrite free bacon, ham, pastrami and roast beef.
  • Poultry smallgoods – Chicken smoked, duck galantine, roast free range turkey, smoked chicken breast roll, smoked chicken breast singles, smoked free range turkey.


Stock the best that South Australia has to offer. Featuring fine local produce and using generations-old recipes and methods, Barossa Fine Foods’ extensive range of award winning smallgoods is very hard to beat.

Food Service

Don’t compromise on quality; serve your customers the very finest Australian smallgoods. Contact Barossa Fine Foods today to discuss your requirements.

More information about Barossa Fine Foods

Australia’s Most Awarded Smallgoods Maker

Barossa Fine Foods firmly retains title of ‘Australia’s Most Awarded Smallgoods Maker’. Click here

Barossa Fine Foods Easter Bacon

Maple & Cinnamon Bacon from Barossa Fine Foods - Australia's Most Awarded Smallgoods Maker. Click here

Interview - Alex Knoll - Barossa Fine Foods

For four generations, the Knoll family have been handcrafting some of the finest wholesale smallgoods and meats on the market. Located in the divine foodie region of South Australia’s Barossa Valley, the company – Barossa Fine Foods – sources all their ingredients from local producers, with an emphasis on free range and sustainably-farmed meats. We recently spoke with Brand Ambassador Alex Knoll and learned more about what has made the family business so successful. Click here

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