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StrangeLove Premium Mixers & Craft Sodas

StrangeLove Premium Mixers & Craft Sodas
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StrangeLove Premium Mixers & Craft Sodas

Artisan adult mixers and sodas

StrangeLove make artisan adult mixers and sodas. 100% Australian owned and made, StrangeLove’s sophisticated, adult beverages are currently served in some of Australia’s best restaurants and bars. 

Presented in timeless, Italian glass bottles with award-winning designs, they will draw attention even before your customers try them. Made locally using quality ingredients, StrangeLove’s Premium Mixers and Organic Sodas have so much to offer in terms of flavour, personality and pride. 

Premium Mixers – 200ml

Currently available in 5 variants, StrangeLove’s Premium Mixer range has been designed to bring out the best in top-shelf spirits. Crafted using premium ingredients from all around the world, the mixer range continues StrangeLove’s philosophy of distinctly sophisticated and grownup flavour profiles.

StrangeLove Tonic No 8

Created as the perfect G&T tonic, this well-balanced, citrus lead workhorse is designed to easily pair with most premium gin styles.

With delicate notes of bitter orange peel and Meyer lemon, StrangeLove finished this masterpiece with a touch of juniper, enabling easy pairing with more rambunctious gin-styles. StrangeLove Tonic No 8. Is currently poured in some of Australia’s most notable food service venues and groups including The Lucas Group, Merivale, Hamilton Island and Rockpool and is fast on it’s way to becoming an iconic benchmark for premium mixers.

Carton: 24 x 200ml | Sugar: 7g/100ml

StrangeLove Light Tonic 

Just when you thought gin had had its day, along comes StrangeLove Light Tonic to remind you how spectacular it can be. Instead of overpowering your favourite gin, Light Tonic complements it, delivering superb bitterness and crisp mouthfeel, courtesy of specially selected complex botanicals. The word ‘Light’ refers to the sugar content which comes in at a mere 2.9g/100ml. Other brands sit at between 8-10g/100ml which mean the gin, even top shelf gin, never has a chance to shine. Thanks to StrangeLove Light Tonic, you can now enjoy a G&T as it’s meant to be … for grownups who appreciate the finesse of a well-poured drink, without being smashed in the face by a fistful of sugar. Rediscover the elegance of your favourite gin-based cocktails with a premium mixer that actually cares about your more refined tastes. 

Carton: 24 x 200ml | Sugar: 2.9g/100ml

StrangeLove Dirty Tonic 

From a sustainable farm in the Guatemalan rainforest comes raw cinchona bark, the prized ingredient in locally made StrangeLove Dirty Tonic. It’s what gives this premium mixer its earthy, rich bitterness, something no other bottled tonic can boast. Two other intriguing elements that give uniqueness to the flavour profile are orange peel to cut through and add freshness, and fragrant rosemary for its herbaceous twist. It is rounded out with a mere pinch of fleur de sel that takes the tonic in a more savoury direction.

The sweetness is kept minimal, at a low 4g/100ml however it features the same perceptible balance as the most popular premium brand on the market (at 8.6g/100ml).

Bold and beautiful and with a distinct personality all its own, StrangeLove Dirty Tonic will hold its own on the drinks shelf and be your customers’ mixer of choice from the first experience.

Dirty G&T, anyone?

Carton: 24 x 200ml | Sugar: 4g/100ml

StrangeLove Bitter Lemon Tonic

With a citrusy profile that is complex yet delicate, StrangeLove Bitter Lemon combines organic lemons and cinchona with extract from the exotic calamansi citrus fruit (cultivated mostly in the Philippines). Hard to pinpoint but easy to love, it’s best just to enjoy, and not question why. Wonderfully pithy and boasting freshly squeezed brightness, it is a dazzling blend of old fashioned flavours revitalised for contemporary tastebuds. Organic cane sugar has been chosen because it makes a more harmonious partner for the racy lemon juice. Ultimately, StrangeLove Bitter Lemon makes a Gin & Bitter Lemon sing like it never has before. Or, pair it with vodka or white rum to really extract the true personality from your premium spirits.

Carton: 24 x 200ml | Sugar: 8g/100ml 

StrangeLove Dry Ginger

An exotic, ginger powerhouse, StrangeLove Dry Ginger is the perfect mixer for dry spirits such as Rum, Whiskey and Bourbon. With two types of fiery ginger – one Fijian and one Australian – StrangeLove Dry Ginger is tempered with tongue-tingling Sichuan pepper to ignite the senses.

Consider yourself warmed.

Carton: 24 x 200ml | Sugar: 8g/100ml 

StrangeLove Organics Sodas

Available in 6 flavours that seem at first like the usual suspects, StrangeLove Organic Sodas are the more refined cousins to your average supermarket brands. Conceived to be scene stealers and high achievers, they deliver on flavour and sophistication with every single sip, leaving those ‘other’ brands in their wake. ACO certified organic, they can currently be found in some of Australia’s best restaurants and worst dive bars.

Current Flavours include:

Ginger Beer

Enjoy the taste of homemade ginger beer, without having to whip up a batch in your garage. This super-spicy elixir is the ant’s pants to ginger beer lovers who won’t settle for less than extraordinary.  

Lemon Squash

When life gives you lemons, squash them. That’s what we did (heaps of them). Then we squashed all that zingy flavour into a little tiny bottle.

Smoked Cola

A veritable flavour sensation that you won’t believe until you experience it for yourself. We created it entirely from scratch using cinnamon, nutmeg, kola nut and Madagascan vanilla. Then we added smoke and it became an unparalleled smoky elixir that others wish they’d created! 

Classic Cola

Tastes like childhood but infinitely more fun. It’s a classic, vintage inspired cola that will transport you to the good old days, when ice cream was the stuff of dessert dreams and you’d eat all your vegies just so you could have some. With its bold notes of vanilla, citrus and caramel, this is cola for grownups, no vegies required. 

Bitter Grapefruit

Those who crave bitterness are generally smarter and more sophisticated. And this drink is no exception. Uncompromisingly bitter, it’s a zesty, punchy grapefruit experience that puckers your mouth and sucks your cheeks in. Dare any tequila not to be its best friend! 

Blood Orange and Chilli

When you feel the burn in your chest after a couple of sips, you’ll know you’re in lust with this luscious, refreshing adult elixir. Organic Italian blood oranges hold their own against the fiery hum of the red chilli and you’ll feel a warm hug from inside.

StrangeLove Mineral Water

StrangeLove’s lightly sparkling Mineral Water complements their range of flavoured sodas and mixers. Not all water is created equal and StrangeLove’s award-winning local mineral water is no exception. Bottled at the source in Victoria’s Macedon ranges StrangeLove Mineral Water is now available in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml glass bottles that are elegantly presented for water service at the table.


Liven up your drinks shelves with StrangeLove’s range of premium mixers and organic sodas. Packaged for visual interest and made with exquisite ingredients, they will quickly become your customers’ favourite drinks brand. Equally suited to bottle shops as to health food stores and supermarkets, they make fabulous companions for top shelf spirits or can be enjoyed on their own.


Lift your beverage menu up a few notches and serve your top shelf spirits with worthy mixers. StrangeLove’s Premium Mixer range complements quality spirits instead of obliterating them with excessive sugar and overpowering flavours. Entice your customers to enjoy grownup versions of soft drinks with the Organic Sodas range. Designated drivers don’t have to make do with boring old post-mix lemonade.

Explore StrangeLove’s sophisticated range of premium mixers and organic sodas. Find out more or place an initial order by contacting StrangeLove using the form below.

More information about StrangeLove Premium Mixers & Craft Sodas

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