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Happy Heart Pelmeni

Russian Pelmeni (Dumplings)

If you haven’t heard of pelmeni, you’re in for a treat. Kind of like pasta, but also kind of like Asian dumplings, they are a Russian delicacy.

What are pelmeni?

Originating in Eastern Europe, pelmeni are handmade dumplings filled with succulent meats or vegetables and seasoned with herbs and spices. A beloved food staple in Eastern Europe for centuries, pelmeni can be enjoyed as a meal or a snack and often form part of family feasts.

Pelmeni can be boiled or parboiled and then seared in a frypan for extra crunch, or simply boiled and served with a preferred sauce or even just melted butter or dressed with vinegar and sour cream. They can also be served in soup or broth.

Happy Heart Pelmeni supplies 100% natural, thoroughly delicious pelmeni in Australia. Boasting a unique Russian taste and texture, their pelmeni are loved by all who try them. Similar to Asian dumplings or Italian pasta such as tortellini or ravioli, pelmeni are a truly international food.

The company uses local ingredients wherever possible.

Wholesale Beef Pelmeni

Delicate pelmeni wrappers filled with local grass-fed beef, seasoned with garlic, onion, ground coriander, black pepper, and pink salt.

Wholesale Chicken Pelmeni

Delicate pelmeni wrappers filled with juicy local free-range chicken and seasoned with coriander and cumin.

Wholesale Pork, Cabbage & Mushroom Pelmeni

Delicate pelmeni wrappers filled with local pork, cabbage, and mushroom, seasoned with herbs and garlic.

Wholesale Pea, Mushroom & Potato Pelmeni

Delicate pelmeni wrappers filled with a vegan blend of whole peas, sauteed mushroom and mashed potato then seasoned with dill, garlic, onion, and black pepper.

Wholesale Potato & Cheese Pelmeni

Delicate pelmeni wrappers filled with creamy potatoes, silky quark, caramelised onions, and cracked black pepper.


Happy Heart Pelmeni are popular with customers of many cultures, including Aussies looking to add international flavours to their meals. They sell very well in supermarkets, convenience stores, greengrocers, fresh markets, butcher shops, delicatessens, and international food outlets.


Serve Happy Heart Pelmeni in your café, restaurant, or AirBNB. Your guests and customers will love the plump, succulent pastry parcels, and you can get creative with sauces and accompaniments.

For more information or to place an initial order, get in touch with Happy Heart Pelmeni today.

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