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Wholesale Artisan Dairy-Free Vegan Cheeses

At Noshing, our range is different to other vegan cheeses on the market as we hand make our products in Australia, using mostly traditional cheese making methods, simply swapping the dairy milk out for homemade almond milk. This results in the taste and texture being much more like each flavours dairy equivalent. All our products are preservative free and we only use high quality ingredients so our customers are a mixture of vegan, health conscious or have allergies and intolerances. 

Noshing was established in 2016 when Michelle, our owner and founder, could not find the authentic dairy free cheese that she had missing ever since the day she had given up eating animal products. This led to our wholesale range of gourmet vegan cheeses that have been delighting the country ever since.

A proud, family run and owned WA business, Noshing is dedicated to hand crafting 100% cruelty free cheeses that look, smell and taste like everybody’s favourite cheeses from across the globe. 

Although our range was designed with cheeseboards and grazing tables in mind, we love receive customer feedback on how great our cheese melts on top of pizzas, toasties, in sandwiches, on salads, with pasta, anywhere you fancy. The possibilities are endless. 

Meet the range

  • Blue Cheese - Tangy, creamy and moreish. Our Blue Vein is the perfect addition to any cheese platter or a popular choice for added to a delicious salads. As this cheese melts beautiful, you can serves it anyway you would have served a dairy Gorgonzola. Made small batch and cultured for 6 weeks.
  • Marinated Feta - Our vegan Marinated Feta contains creamy chunks of almond milk feta that melts in your mouth. After marinated in EVOO, we then add fresh thyme and rosemary, mixed peppercorns and dried red chilies… it’s one of our best sellers! It’s the perfect cheese for smearing on fresh bread, crackers or for making cheesy garlic bread.
  • Brie - Slightly firmer than a traditional Brie but still with that lovely earthy flavour and soft creamy mouthfeel. Pregnancy and allergy safe due to non-mould ripened recipe.
  • Smoked GoudaOur delicious Smoked Gouda was inspired by the popular Dutch cheese. It is a semi-firm, pale yellow cheese with a salty, hickory smoke flavour.
  • Havarti with Chipotle and Jalapeno - Yes this is a vegan spicy Havarti! Not only does it have chopped up jalapeno chunks throughout, but each piece has a rind that is generously dusted with delicious smoky chipotle powder. This cheese is a chilli lovers dream!
  • Havarti with Roast Garlic and Black Pepper - This Danish inspired vegan Havarti is deliciously light and smooth. We infuse it with roast garlic and then encrusted in a black pepper rind for a little crunch of spice in each bite.
  • Cheddar with Chive and Onion – Our ‘cheesiest’ cheddar with it’s tangy but creamy flavour. It is a semi firm cheese with dried chives and onion flakes stirred through.
  • Cheddar with Caramelised Onion - Experience the delicious cheddar taste with tangy balsamic flavour because this is one for the cheese and pickle lovers! Our vegan Caramelised Onion Cheddar is a semi firm cheddar style with caramelised onions stirred through. 
  • Mozzarella – Mild, refreshing and supple, our Italian style Mozzarella has a light and barely discernible creamy aroma to match it lactic while colour. This cheese melts amazingly and is only available in bulk sizes.

*All Noshing products are made with Australian grown almonds and with locally sourced ingredients where possible.

Whether you are a retailer trying to give you customer the best possible flavour and varieties of vegan cheese or a Chef looking for the perfect dairy free foodservice cheese that will impress your punters, make sure Noshing is your go to for providing that wow factor.

For information on how to order or for more details, contact Noshing today.

More information about Noshing

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