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iTea is a family run, Australian owned company, proudly offering more than 150 different types of tea in an incredible array of flavours, blends and origins. Tea is more than just a business to us – we are truly passionate about connecting tea lovers with the tea they love. This is why we have sourced the best possible teas from across the globe, delivering our customers the highest quality tea. Our passion and dedication make us a fantastic supplier with impeccably high standards in terms of both service and product quality. 

Our extensive range features premium black, white and green teas, flavoured teas, fruit tisanes, chai, blooming tea and of course a range of pyramid tea bags suitable for café use. We also offer a range of tea wares and giftware to suit all kinds of retail, foodservice and gift hamper requirements.

Position your café or restaurant as a speciality premium tea purveyor and watch tea lovers show their appreciation by returning again and again for the ultimate tea experience.

iTea Premium Black Tea

Choose from a delightful range of premium black tea that will impress even the most discerning tea purists.

Assam Black Tea (India); Darjeeling Black Tea (India); English Afternoon Black Tea (Dimbula); English Breakfast Black Tea (Ceylon); Irish Breakfast; Keemun Black Tea (China); Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (China); Orange Pekoe Black Tea; Russian Caravan Black Tea; Uva Highlands Black Tea (Ceylon).

iTea Flavoured Black Tea

Our range of exceptional flavoured black tea blends is unparalleled. These unique, premium quality flavoured teas will make a lasting impression on customers looking for something different. Keep them coming back by offering them a flavoured blend they can’t get anywhere else. Visit the website for images and full descriptions.

Aussie Earl Grey Black Tea; Blueberry Valentine Black Tea; Caramel Black Tea; Cardamom Black Tea; Chai Black Tea; Chocolate Chai Black Tea; Chocolate Liqueur Black Tea; Cinnamon Kiss Black Tea; Cinnamon Orange Black Tea; Coconut Black Tea; Earl Grey Black Tea; Earl Grey Blue Black Tea;  French Earl Grey Black Tea; Ginger Black Winter Warmer; Irish Dream Black Tea;  Mango Black Tea; Passionfruit  Black Tea; Pineapple Passion Black Tea; Raspberry Black Tea; Strawberry Rhubarb Black Tea; Vanilla Black Tea; Whisky Shot Black Tea.

iTea Plain Green Tea

The purest green tea from Japan and China ensures even the most discerning green tea lover will be impressed. 

Bancha Green Tea (Japan); Buddha Tears Green Tea; Dragon Well Green Tea (Lung Ching); Gen Mai Cha Green Tea (Japan); Gun Powder Green Tea (China); Gyokuro Premium Green Tea (Japan);; Jasmine (China) Jasmine Da Bai Hao; Mao Feng Green Tea (China); Matcha Green Tea; Pi Lo Chun Green Tea; Sencha Green Tea (Japan); White Monkey Green Tea (China).

iTea Flavoured Green Tea

Our flavoured green teas consist of pure green tea with expertly formulated flavour accents, specially designed to complement the flavour of the tea. The result is a healthy, refreshing and delicious drinking experience which is also visually impressive.

Boysenberry and Cream Green Tea; Cream Caramel Green Tea; Earl Grey Green Tea; Fresh Orange Green Tea; Ginger Lemon Green Tea; Green Chai Tea; Mango and Boysenberry Green Tea; Morning Dreams Green Tea; Moroccan Mint Tea; Sencha Passion Green Tea; Strawberry Lemon Green Tea; Strawberry Lychee Green Tea; Sun Cocktail Green Tea; Vanilla Citrus Green Tea; Vanilla Green Tea.

iTea Chai

The perfect blend of spice and tea to dazzle your customers’ tastebuds, iTea offers pyramid tea bags, loose leaf blends and tea stacks. For images and full descriptions, see the website.

  • Chai Black Tea
    Laced with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves, it exhibits an inviting fragrance, zesty flavour and an invigorating, aromatic finish. Just like a trip to India in a cup!
  • Chocolate Chai Black Tea
    A very special tea to warm and comfort, made extra lovely with a hint of chocolate. Blended with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, orange blossoms, gingko leaves and premium chocolate chips, it can be sweetened with honey and, if desired, enjoyed with milk.
  • Rooibos Chai Tea
    South African rooibos blended with cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cardamom pods. Very exotic – an unforgettable experience.

iTea Herbal

Our range of healing herbal teas is second to none. Perfect for serving at spas, wellness centres and cafes, our large range of herbal blends has been specially created to address a massive range of health concerns. With so many wellness properties and so many different flavours to choose from, our herbal range is undeniably impressive.

  • Balance Herbal Tea (Stress Reliever)
    Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This is a relaxing pleasure that makes you forget your daily stresses.
  • Lavender Herbal Tea (Calming/Stress Reliever)
    Lavender is a very special herbal tisane that offers calming effects to relieve stress, fatigue, headache and insomnia.
  • Liquorice with zing
    This flavourful tea promotes a sense of calm wellbeing. It soothes your digestion thanks to liquorice root, peppermint, fennel seeds and basil.             
  • Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea (New Mum Wellness)
    The leaves of the raspberry plant have been used medicinally for centuries. It is thought to have many properties including those that are beneficial for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Rose Herbal Tea (Heart Circulation)
    The prettiest tea ever! Made from real rose buds plucked when they are young. Enjoy the natural rosy taste and aroma.
  • Simply Beautiful Herbal Tea (Fatigue Beater)
    Experience the pick-me-up provided by rosemary, nettle, rosehip, rooibos, lavender, ginger, pu-erh, mate, fennel, liquorice, cassia, pepper, cardamom and cloves.

Or choose from many other herbal teas:

Active Herbal Tea (Energy); Chamomile Herbal Tea (Insomnia); Chocolate Tea Organic; Citrus Mint Herbal Tea; Cold Blend Herbal Tea; Dandelion Organic Herbal Tea; Defense Boost Organic Herbal Tea; Detox Herbal Tea; Digestive Blend Herbal Tea; Fitness Herbal Tea; Ginger Herbal Tea; Hibiscus Herbal Tea; Lavender Mint Herbal Tea; Lemongrass Herbal Tea; Lemongrass & Ginger Herbal Tea, My Morning Herbal Tea; Organic Burdock Herbal Tea; Organic Spearmint Herbal Tea; Mother’s Milk Herbal Tea; Passionflower Herbal Tea; Perrpermint Herbal Tea; Pure Relaxing Herbal Tea; Rosehip Herbal Tea, Sleepwell Herbal Tea; Wellness Herbal Tea; Women’s Herbal Tea.

iTea Rooibos Tea

Rooibos has a distinctive colour, flavour and aroma which differentiates it from most other teas. The flavour can be described as slightly sweet and fruity. We have a wide range of both pure rooibos and flavoured blends to suit all needs.

Choose from: Rooibos Almond Cream Tea; Rooibos Autumn Punch; Rooibos Beautiful Day; Rooibos Blood Orange Tea; Rooibos Caramel Cream Tea; Rooibos Chai Tea; Rooibos Coconut Cream Tea; Rooibos Flower Dance; Rooibos Orange Sunburst Tea; Rooibos Peach Tea; Rooibos Pure Red Tea; Rooibos Rooibos Tropicana Tea; Cloudberry Honeybush.

iTea Oolong Tea

Choose from: Ginseng Oolong Tea; Milk Oolong Tea; Osmanthus Oolong Tea; Pu-Erh Tea; Tie Kuan Yin Oolong Tea (High Mountain).

iTea Premium White Tea

Choose from: Jasmine Dragon Pearl White Tea (China); Pai Mu Tan White Tea; Silver Needle White Tea.

iTea Flavoured White Tea

Choose from: Symphony White Tea; White Cloud White Tea.

iTea Fruit Tisane

Refreshing, full-bodied fruit teas containing dried fruits and other special ingredients.

Choose from: Blackberry Cream Fruit Tisane; Exotic Dream Fruit Tisane; Fruit Colada Fruit Tisane; Peach Cream Fruit Tisane; Raspberry Impression Fruit Tisane; Strawberry Cream Fruit Tisane.

iTea Instant Tea

Inspired by Turkish tea culture, comes this range of instant Turkish teas. Ready to go with minimal preparation, these teas are delicious and refreshing and can be consumed hot or chilled. Choose Turkish Apple Instant Tea.

iTea Handcrafted Blooming Tea

Our handcrafted blooming teas are a sight to behold - as the blooming tea unfurls itself in the hot water it imparts a wonderful aroma while creating a stunning visual display. See the website for full images and descriptions.

Choose from: Blessings Blooming Tea; Carnation Blossom Blooming Tea; Floating Osmanthus Blooming Tea; Lily Fairy Blooming Tea; Snowing Bloom Blooming Tea.

The iTea website features sumptuous images and full descriptions of all of our wholesale tea products. If there is anything you’d like to know more about, or if you’d like to place your first order, simply contact us.

More information about iTea

Interview - Julieanne St George - iTea

iTea offers some of the world’s finest teas, sourced from Sri Lanka and China. A family business, the company delights in supplying high quality black, white and green teas, herbal tisanes and fruit teas to retailers and the foodservice market. We spoke with Part Owner, Julieanne St George and discussed all things tea over … you guessed it, a pot of their finest brew. Click here

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