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My Cake Place
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My Cake Place
My Cake Place
My Cake Place
My Cake Place
My Cake Place
My Cake Place
My Cake Place
My Cake Place
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Service Area Brisbane

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Mobile 0405 819 393
Service Area Brisbane

My Cake Place

Wholesale cakes, cheesecakes and other sweet temptations

My Cake Place offers an extensive array of beautiful wholesale cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, brownies and more for you to offer your sweet-toothed customers. Every product is freshly made from scratch using the highest and healthiest quality ingredients and delivered with great care to ensure you serve your customers only the tastiest, freshest cakes available. There is also a wide variety of gluten free sweets.

Specialty Cakes

With something to suit a wide array of tastes, My Cake Place’s specialty cakes are beautifully presented and utterly delicious.

  • Hummingbird – Moist banana and pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting, cranberries and walnuts.
  • Lemon Coconut Curd – Moist coconut sponge cake with a fine layer of lemon in the middle and covered in soft Italian meringue.
  • Mud Cake – Moist Belgian chocolate cake with a fine layer of crispy chocolate wafer, smothered in double chocolate ganache.
  • Strawberry Mud Cake – Moist Belgian chocolate cake with a fine layer of crispy chocolate wafer, covered in rich strawberry ganache.

Individual Cakes

Portion sized and ready to serve, these individual cakes are the perfect dessert all on their own.

  • Tiramisu – Classic Italian dessert made with homemade sponge fingers dipped in coffee, layered with a blend of whipped mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar.
  • Red Velvet Tiramisu – Traditional American red moist sponge cake layered with a smooth blend of creamy mascarpone, eggs and sugar.
  • Mint & Chocolate Mousse – Smooth mint mousse with tiny pieces of dark chocolate on a moist base of mud cake.
  • Lovers – Rich Belgian chocolate mousse on a mud cake base, covered with lush chocolate ganache.
  • Cookies & Cream – Smooth vanilla mousse with Oreo cookie pieces on a mud cake base covered in chocolate ganache.
  • GF Wild Strawberries Panna Cotta – Creamy vanilla bean panna cotta with a layer of wild strawberry sauce on top.
  • GF Praline Wafer Panna Cotta – Vanilla bean and gianduja panna cotta with Nutella and crispy chocolate water on top.
  • GF Caramel Toffee Panna Cotta – Creamy vanilla panna cotta with caramel sauce.
  • Baklava – Rich filo dessert of filo pastry layers dipped in chocolate ganache and roasted nuts.
  • Galaktoboureko – Greek dessert of semolina custard with orange zest in filo pastry, soaked in clear, sweet syrup.


Sublime little tarts filled with all kinds of flavoursome goodies. Serve on their own or with whipped cream or ice cream.

  • Lemon Meringue – Smooth, tangy lemon cream made from fresh lemons in a tender, crisp shortbread shell with soft Italian meringue.
  • Banoffee – Creamy caramel filling and fresh banana puree in a tender chocolate shortbread shell, topped with vanilla whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
  • Belgian Chocolate Mousse – Belgian mousse filling in a tender, crispy chocolate shortbread shell covered with chocolate ganache.
  • Caramel & Macadamia Nuts – Creamy caramel filling in a tender, crisp shortbread shell with roasted macadamias on top.
  • Apple Raspberry Crumble - A comfort-food concoction of apples and raspberries under a cosy golden crumble.


  • GF Caramel Slice - A thick slab of gooey caramel sandwiched between coconut biscuit base and lush chocolate ganache.
  • GF Carrot Cake Slice - Shredded carrots, walnuts, almond meal and spices are blended together in this wonderful slice.
  • GF Rocky Road Slice - A glorious amalgamation of milk chocolate, nuts, glace cherries, marshmallows and shredded coconut.
  • GF Walnut Brownie Slice - Fudgy, chewy chocolate brownie studded with crunchy walnuts and topped with a perfect crinkly crust.
  • GF Snick Slice - Caramel, peanuts and chocolate ganache perched on a scrumptious gluten free biscuit base.
  • Mint Mud Slice - The loveliest pairing of deep chocolate and refreshing mint in an irresistible slice.
  • Pink Paradise Slice - Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, its name explains it all.
  • Apple & Almond Slice - Slightly more virtuous, this slice is loaded with almonds and apple.


Scrumptious brownies that are cut and served in wedge format.

  • GF Mixed Chocolate – Fudgy Noosa chocolate brownie covered in chocolate ganache and topped with a chocolate flake mix.
  • GF Black Forest – Fudgy Noosa chocolate and Amarena brownies covered in chocolate ganache and topped with Amarena cherries.
  • Salted Caramel & Pretzel – Fudgy Noosa chocolate brownies covered in chocolate ganache, topped with caramel sauce and mini pretzels.

Mini Varieties

My Cake Place offers a range of mini desserts and cakes. Choose from:

  • Mini Mousses in Mint & Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Belgian Chocolate
  • GF Mini Tarts in Lemon Meringue, Banoffee and Cookies & Cream
  • GF Mini Tarts in Caramel Macadamia, Lemon Meringue and Belgian Chocolate
  • GF Mini Panna Cotta in Caramel Toffee, Wild Strawberries and Chocolate Praline


Lavish, rich cheesecakes with loads of personality and flavour.

  • New York – A traditionally, creamy vanilla cheesecake with a touch of lemon.
  • Salted Caramel & Chocolate – Caramel cheesecake with a chocolate biscuit base, topped with salted caramel and Belgian chocolate, finished with miniature pretzels.
  • Caramel & Macadamia Nuts – Creamy caramel cheesecake with coconut biscuit base, covered with caramel and topped with roasted macadamia nut pieces.
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate – Smooth, creamy cheesecake with chunks of rice crispy and peanut butter on a rich chocolate biscuit base, topped with smooth chocolate ganache.
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut – Creamy hazelnut cheesecake on a cocoa biscuit base, covered with crispy wafer pieces in a chocolate and hazelnut dip.
  • Lime – Creamy vanilla cheesecake with lime zest on a coconut biscuit base, topped with fresh lime coulis.
  • Forest Berries – Creamy vanilla cheesecake topped with real berries and raspberry coulis.
  • Apple Crumble – Smooth chai latte cheesecake on a cinnamon biscuit base, topped with chunks of apple crumble.
  • Brownies – Vanilla cheesecake with chunks of brownies on a rich chocolate biscuit base and topped with chocolate ganache.
  • Black Forest – Smooth vanilla cheesecake infused with Amarena cherries on a chocolate biscuit base and topped with chocolate ganache and Amarena cherries.
  • Strawberry & White Chocolate – Smooth and creamy vanilla cheesecake with wild strawberries and white chocolate flakes.


The café favourite, muffins are always popular and My Cake Place offers four classic flavours your customers will love.

  • Blueberry & White Chocolate – Luscious blueberries and finished with white chocolate.
  • Triple Chocolate – Chocolate muffin studded with chocolate chips and finished with a drizzle of white chocolate.
  • Apple Crumble – Baked with sliced, unsweetened poached apples and hearty oatmeal and flavoured with cinnamon.
  • Raspberry & White Chocolate – Sweet raspberries studded through a freshly baked muffin, finished with white chocolate.

Gluten Free

My Cake Place makes it easy to cater for gluten free customers with their extraordinary cake offerings.

  • GF Carrot Cake – A blend of shredded carrots, walnuts, almond meal and spices, beautifully decorated to be irresistible.
  • GF Orange & Almond – Moist orange and almond cake made with almond meal and Grand Marnier liqueur, topped with roasted almond flakes.
  • GF Caramel & Macadamia Nuts – Smooth, creamy baked caramel cheesecake on a coconut base topped with fine macadamia nuts.
  • GF Chocolate & Praline Coconut Cheesecake – Creamy, baked hazelnut cheesecake on a coconut base covered with chocolate ganache and hazelnuts.

See all other gluten free items above (denoted by 'GF'), including tarts and brownies.


Offer your customers a rich bounty of sweet temptations from My Cake Place. With plenty of options to choose from in a range of formats, it’s easy to showcase a colourful, irresistible array.


Make life easy and serve up these exquisite creations from My Cake Place. All you have to do is provide a simple accompaniment like cream, ice cream, coulis or chocolate shavings.

For more information or to place your first order, contact My Cake Place today.

More information about My Cake Place

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