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Charlie’s Fine Food Co.

Charlie’s Fine Food Co.
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Phone 03 9553 4005
Service Area Australia Wide

Charlie’s Fine Food Co.

Australia loves Charlie’s Fine Food Co.

Since 2004, husband and wife team Ken and Jacky have been producing glorious gourmet wholesale cookies for retailers and foodservice operators alike. With their commitment to creating the freshest and tastiest cookies every time, they have enjoyed achieving multiple awards and their goodies are consumed by corporate cookie fans, in the air on planes and in countless cafes and restaurants across the country.

The Charlie’s Fine Food Co. philosophy is that you should take your pleasure seriously and the company lives by that motto every day. Consumer feedback is prolific and unanimous … Charlie’s Fine Food Co. Cookies are irresistible, addictive and more-ish.

No preservatives or other nasties are added to the mixes and everything is made from scratch recipes using premium ingredients. The company is BRC certified and proudly a 100% Australian made and owned food producer. Additionally, Charlie’s Fine Food Co. Cookies donates at least $50,000 worth of cookies every year to community groups, fundraising events and charities.

  • Quintessentially Australian flavours combined with flavours in line with contemporary trends.
  • Award winning products in every range.
  • 6-9 months’ shelf life from manufacture (excl. slices).
  • Australian made and owned.
  • Designed for premium and contemporary presentation in ambient and cake cabinet display (Not just for jars!)
  • A variety of sizes and shapes for changing consumption habits and usage.
  • Homemade/Artisan quality wholesome ingredients made with commercial capacity and standards (BRC certified).

The Charlie’s Fine Food Co. Cookies range

Check out Charlie’s oh my goodness, seriously delicious, soft, chewy, mooshy, melt in the mouth cookies. Charlie’s can provide jars, labels and merchandising solutions to make it easy for you.

Bite Size

The perfect way to indulge without the guilt. Ideal to serve as a complimentary treat with hot beverages that will keep your appreciative customers coming back for more.

Flavours include Triple Chocolate Round; Double Choc Chip Round; Traditional Shortbread Round; Passionfruit Shortbread Heart; Handmade Double Choc Chip; Handmade White Choc Chip & Mac; Citrus & White Chocolate Shortbread, Mocha Shortbread, Cinnamon Shortbread Hearts & Choc Salted Caramel.

Also available is an array of Bite Size mixed boxes containing 1kg each of four different varieties. See website for the full list of flavours.

Artisan Cookies

Just like Grandma used to make, featuring favourite flavours and the same ingredients home bakers have used for generations PLUS some delicious new superfoods.

Flavours: Choc Granola; White Choc; Choc Salted Caramel; Rainbow Choc Chip;  Anzac Chewy; Dark Choc Fudge.

Artisan Grab & Go (Large Wrapped Cookies)

The ultimate in portable snacks, they are individually wrapped and ready to munch at a moment’s notice. Keep a display package at point of sale at all times and watch those impulse purchases mount up!

Flavours: Choc Granola; Choc Salted Caramel; Rainbow Choc Chip; White Choc Macadamia; Dark Choc Fudge, Almond Choc Cranberry (Gluten Free) & Choc Fudge (Gluten Free).

Classic Cookies

For any self-respecting afternoon tea party, High Tea or pure sweet indulgence at home.

Flavours: Handmade Lemon Melting Moment; Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie; Handmade Raspberry Shortbread Round; Hand Dipped Espresso Éclair; Ginger-Bear; Dark Choc Almond Florentine.

Medium Petit Fours

Dainty and pretty presentation and featuring luscious flavours.

Flavours: Choc Oat Smarty; White Choc Apricot; Granola; Choc Granola; Choc Salted Caramel Melting Moment; Raspberry White Choc Melting Moment; Handmade Lemon Melting Moment; Raspberry Passionfruit Melting Moment.

125g Bikkie Bites

Ideal for gourmet grocers, gift hampers and to keep on hand in the pantry, Bikkie Bites are attractively packaged and available in four delicious flavours. 

Flavours include Savoury Parmesan Paprika Cheese Bites; Anzac Bikkie Bites; Passionfruit Heart Bites; Handmade Double Choc Chip Bites.

50g, 100g & 200g Melting Moments

Ideal for gourmet grocers, gift hampers and to keep on hand in the pantry, Mini Melting Moments are attractively packaged and available in delicious flavours.

Flavours include Traditional Lemon; Choc Salted Caramel; Raspberry White Choc; Vanilla Bean.

Big Bite Size

Divinely cute morsels that make excellent petits fours. The Big Bite range is used by high end caterers, professional service firms and corporate offices as well as four and five star hotels. They’re excellent for boardroom refreshments where the crumbs of large cookies are a no-no. 

Flavours include Chocolate Almond Biscotti; Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti; Lady Finger Brown Sugar Mixed Nut Shortbread; Traditional Lemon Mini Melting Moments; Raspberry White Choc Mini Melting Moments; Choc Salted Caramel Mini Melting Moments; Viennese Swirl; Viennese Éclair Dipped In Dark Chocolate; Espresso Éclair Dipped In White Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream; Handmade Raspberry Shortbread Round; Handmade Triple Chocolate Chip; Choc Granola; Handmade Double Choc Chip; Handmade Dark Chocolate Almond Florentine; Passionfruit Shortbread with Passionfruit Cream.

Medium Petits Fours

A nice handful of cookie to graze on while working, concentrating, socialising or daydreaming.

Flavours include Traditional Shortbread Finger; Passionfruit Shortbread Finger; Handmade Triple Chocolate Chip; Handmade Double Chocolate Chip; Anzac – Crunchy; Handmade White Chocolate Chip & Macadamia; Brown Sugar Mixed Nut Shortbread; Handmade Dark Chocolate Almond Florentine; Mini Melting Moments in 5 outstanding flavours.

Medium Wrapped

Clear cellophane wrapped with Charlie’s Fine Food Co. branding, these cookies are conveniently wrapped for hygiene, shelf life and portability.

Enjoy Choc Chia Fudge (GF); Almond Choc Cranberry (GF); Handmade Triple Choc; White Choc Macadamia; Passionfruit Shortbread; Traditional Shortbread; Parmesan Paprika Savoury Cheese Bikkies.

Gluten Free Cookies

Charlie’s have perfected gluten free cookies so you’d never know they’re gluten free! Coeliacs will be delighted to learn that they are so over the top at Charlie’s that every batch is tested for detectable gluten prior to releasing them.


A delicious selection of decadent, wholesome and flourless slices that will be the star of any cake cabinet.

Choc Lamington Protein Ball & Slice; Flourless Pistachio & Raspberry Slice; Flourless Nutella Brownie Slice; Lemon & White Choc Slice; Choc Salted Caramel Slice; Superfood Slice; Choc Popcorn & Caramel, Raw Cocoa & Orange Slice.


Charlie’s favourites are available to buy and enjoy anywhere, any time. Made with premium ingredients and packaged in stylish, unique, innovative and convenient packaging, they make gorgeous gifts, can be stashed in the desk drawer or popped into a picnic basket.


Show your customers how much you love them by serving top quality Charlie’s Cookies, all made with premium ingredients for maximum enjoyment.

More information about Charlie’s Fine Food Co.

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