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Roza’s Gourmet

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Roza’s Gourmet
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Roza’s Gourmet

Roza’s Gourmet products are all gluten free and made with love; each one hand crafted using only the freshest ingredients and based on Mum’s recipes. A boutique family run business that is 100% Australian made and owned, Roza’s proudly supports Australian small business, encouraging all customers to support independents and shop local! The range is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide. Originally a culinary secret amongst Brisbane locals, the business is now earning a reputation for quality across the country and can be found in more than 600 stores.

The delicious range consists of 40 products including varieties of mayonnaises, mustards, pestos, chutneys, chilli sauces and dips. Roza’s passion for natural food made with fresh, home-grown ingredients inspired the ever-growing range of products. Aside from being naturally gluten free, everything is suitable to a variety of dietary requirements (dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, low FODMAP, sugar free, kosher and more), catering to increasing customer demand for free-from foods. Every product listing on the Roza’s Gourmet website features this information. 

Roza’s point of difference

  • We deliver the freshest, most fabulous gourmet sauces and dips.
  • Founded, owned and operated by the same Brisbane family since 1991.
  • All products are gluten free.
  • All products are 100% natural and preservative free.
  • We offer vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options.
  • Fresh in the fridge, preservative free chilled products
  • We provide superior customer service to our stockist and consumers.
  • Roza’s gives back to animal welfare.

Chilli Sauces

The sauces are made with cholesterol-free oils and sweetened with bush honey. And, as Roza’s Gourmet puts it: “The right sauce can turn any meal into a feast.”

  • Sweet Chilli & Ginger – A sweet, Thai-style chilli sauce that’s definitely not like the commercial types. It’s made with red cayenne chillies, fresh ginger and bush honey, the perfect balance of heat and flavour.
  • Hot Lover – Named after Roza’s husband! Truth is though, the sauce is not that hot. It’s ideal for serving with steak, rissoles, on burgers, in pasta dishes and in Mexican-style foods.
  • Inferno – Warning: Extra hot!! Made with the hottest chillies in the world, this habanero sauce clocks in at a 10/10 rating. Use just half a teaspoon in casseroles or stir fries to give a kick without dominating the meal. Gold Medal winner in the 2016 Australian RASV Food Awards.


Roza’s pestos are made on a traditional basil pesto base. Store in the fridge at all times as they are completely natural and fresh.

  • Traditional Pesto – Made with a whole bunch of fresh basil leaves in every jar! It features the classic ingredients walnuts, garlic and parmesan cheese. 
  • Dairy Free Pesto – A dairy free variation using smoked almonds instead of parmesan resulting in a wonderful fresh pesto with loads of flavour.
  • Honey Mustard Pesto – Rich and tangy yet sweet and fresh; use it like mustard and enjoy with chicken or meat, on a sandwich or over vegetables. Or use as a dip or spread for pizza bases or focaccia.
  • Thai Pesto – Made on the dairy free base but with the addition of chilli, ginger, lime and fresh coriander. Spice up your pasta, stir fries and antipasto dishes.


Roza’s mayonnaises are made exclusively with free-range eggs and only sweetened using bush honey instead of sugar. Store in the fridge at all times as they are completely natural and fresh.

  • Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise – For the real garlic lovers, it’s the most popular product in the Roza’s Gourmet range. Smooth, creamy, slightly sweet and with real chunks of fresh garlic throughout.
  • Bearnaise – A butter-based sauce with the addition of tarragon. Serve over steak, chicken Kiev or fish.
  • Blue Cheese Dressing – Light but loaded with Danish blue vein cheese.
  • Caesar Salad Dressing – A Caesar salad in a bottle, just add lettuce! Flavoured with anchovies, capers, parmesan cheese, garlic, cracked pepper and bush honey.
  • Classic Mayonnaise – Beautifully rich, it is the base for many of Roza’s other products.
  • Coconut Chilli Mayonnaise – So rich and tasty, you’ll be hooked on its unique flavour. Add to salads, sandwiches and burgers and especially seafood.
  • Dill & Parsley Mayonnaise – Roza’s Mum made this one 25 years ago! Extremely versatile and jam packed with the freshest local dill and parsley.
  • European Tartare – Classic Mayonnaise base blended with fresh tarragon, chervil, French shallots and cornichons.
  • Habanero Chilli Mayonnaise – Medium hot, this hot sweet chilli mayo is a chilli lover’s delight.
  • Hollandaise – Rich and buttery with the mild tang of lemon juice and spices.
  • Horseradish Dressing – Creamy mayonnaise with chunks of horseradish mixed through it.
  • Mango Mayonnaise – Made on Roza’s honey mayonnaise base with over 40% mangoes, made while in season.
  • Pesto Dressing Supreme – A combination of Roza’s Bush Honey Mayonnaise and Traditional Pesto.
  • Seafood Dressing – Natural free-range egg mayonnaise sweetened with bush honey and with a mild kick from smoked paprika and tabasco peppers.
  • Smokey Aioli – A fantastic cocktail style sauce for seafood dishes, made with free-range eggs and bush honey mayo as the base, with added smoked paprika, hickory smoke flavour, fresh garlic, lemon juice and spices.
  • Truffle Mayonnaise – An extra special 140ml jar of mayonnaise loaded with pieces of real black truffle.
  • Vegan Mayonnaise – A delicious mix of complementary ingredients that creates a truly mayonnaise-like flavour without the use of eggs or dairy.
  • Wasabi Sichuan Mayonnaise - Big on taste with just the right kick of spice, it contains Sichuan pepper, wasabi paste, fresh coriander and lime juice.


Roza’s gluten free dips include everything from the creamy to the spicy. Using a unique blend of flavours, they cater for a range of dietary requirements without compromising on taste. For full descriptions, serving suggestions and ingredients, see the Roza’s Gourmet website.

  • Artichoke & Garlic Dip
  • Basil Pesto & Pecorino Dip
  • Beetroot, Walnut & Pomegranate Dip
  • Blue Cheese & Roasted Macadamia Nut Dip
  • Chargrilled Capsicum Dip
  • Hommus Dip
  • Olive Tapenade Dip
  • Prosciutto & Chive Dip
  • Roasted Pumpkin & Chilli Dip
  • Smoked Salmon Dip
  • Truffle & Porcini Mushroom Dip

Chutney Style

All made with sugar rather than honey, Roza’s chutneys are all vegan. They are also egg, oil and dairy free. Pack these into gift hampers as they don’t require refrigeration until after opening. For full descriptions, serving suggestions and ingredients, see the Roza’s Gourmet website.

  • Chilli Ginger Chutney
  • Cranberry & Orange Sauce (Christmas only)
  • Mango Chutney
  • Tomato Chutney 


Sweetened solely with bush honey and free from eggs, oil and dairy. All mustards can be thinned with water to use as dressings or thickened to use as dips or spreads.

  • Chilli Mustard – Bush honey mustard base blended with fresh cayenne chilli. With a heat rating of 6/10, it’s hot but won’t destroy the flavour in your meal.
  • Sundried Tomato Wholegrain Mustard – Loaded with rich sundried tomatoes, it’s a must for any tomato fan. Great contrast of texture between the soft chunks of tomato and the mustard seeds.
  • Sweet Mustard with Apricots & Macadamia Nuts – Sweet and tangy, its texture is soft from the apricots with the crunch of macadamia nuts throughout. Sweetened with honey but on a tangy mustard base.


Roza’s Gourmet is an enormously popular brand that sits beautifully between small-range, artisanal products and mass-produced commercial products. It literally lies in the sweet spot that appeals to consumers looking for something special and premium quality but without the excessive price tags. Also excellent as gifts to take along to dinner parties or to create hampers (non-refrigerated products, obviously).


The Roza’s Gourmet range for foodservice provides an unsurpassed level of quality to give your business a point of difference in a competitive marketplace. Roza’s products ensure your customers can rely on you to deliver them consistency in their favourite meals and provide you with confidence in a trusted brand with a 5-star food safety rating and HACCP accreditation.

Everything in the range is available in foodservice sizing: 2kg, 10kg, or 20kg buckets, and up to 1,000L IBC.

To learn more about this proud Australian brand or to place your first order, contact Roza’s Gourmet today using the form below.

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