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Yumi's Quality Foods

Yumi's Quality Foods
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Phone 03 8787 1444
Service Area Available Australia Wide

Yumi's Quality Foods

Gluten free and dairy free foods

Yumi’s Quality Foods is a name known right across Australia for its top quality ranges of dips, aiolis, falafels, whole egg mayonnaise and smoked fish products, all of which are gluten free. Yumi’s is actually positioned in the top three dip producers of Victoria which is testament to the high standards the company is committed to maintaining.

All Yumi’s lines are certified Kosher and only the freshest and best ingredients are used at all times.

Thanks to Yumi’s, you can serve delicious foods when entertaining, snacking, catering or feeding the family or guests. Also ideal for corporate catering, Yumi’s makes it easy to accommodate those who require gluten free and dairy free foods.

  • 100% gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegetarian (aside from seafood products)
  • High nutritional value
  • Quality ingredients


Classic Dips 200g

  • Green Olive
  • Kalamata Olive
  • Sweet Potato & Cashew
  • Sweet Potato & Fresh Ginger
  • Roasted Capsicum & Cashew
  • Roasted Eggplant Baba Ganoosh
  • Eggplant & Garlic
  • Eggplant & Shallot
  • Chunky Tomato Salsa
  • Chipotle Hommus
  • Roasted Corn
  • Medium Heat Matbuka Tomato Salsa
  • Moroccan Pumpkin
  • Creamed Beetroot
  • Egg Salad
  • Mediterranean Eggplant
  • Traditional Middle Eastern Hommus 200gm & 1kg
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Traditional Middle Eastern Tahini
  • Beetroot & Hommus
  • Avocado

Anytime Dip Range 200g

  • Seeded Mustard & Honey Aioli
  • Roasted Garlic Aioli
  • Curried Egg
  • Classic Hommus
  • Creamy Tuna Mousse
  • Spicy Tomato Salsa

Dip & Lavosh Snack Packs 80g

  • Traditional Hommus & Lavosh
  • Sweet Potato & Cashew & Lavosh
  • Gourmet Tuna Mousse & Lavosh
  • Green Olive & Lavosh

Fish Dips 200g

  • Smoked Trout Premium Mousse
  • Gourmet Tuna Premium Mousse

Aioli 200g

  • Aioli
  • Aioli with Dill
  • Aioli with Chilli
  • Aioli with Chilli & Lime
  • Aioli with Pesto
  • Tartare Sauce

Blue Range Dips 150g

  • Tuna with Caramelised Onion & Capsicum
  • Tuna with Tomato & Basil
  • Tuna with Cracked Black Pepper & Lemon

Yumi’s Falafels & Vegetable Delights 225g

Yumi’s Falafels are delicious bites of vegetarian goodness. A healthy alternative to meatballs, they are made of chickpeas with added flavour from onions, parsley, garlic and spices. Add them to sandwiches, salads or a vegetarian antipasto platter. Or make your own wraps with falafels, salad vegies and Yumi’s Traditional Home Style Mayonnaise.

  • Original Falafel Balls
  • Sesame Falafel Balls
  • Curried Pumpkin & Spinach Vegetable Delight
  • Curried Pumpkin & Corn Vegetable Delight
  • Roasted Vegetable Delight
  • Spicy Zucchini & Lentil Vegetable Delight
  • Sweet Potato & Herb Vegetable Delight

Foodservice Dips 2kg

  • Smoked Trout Mousse
  • Gourmet Tuna Mousse
  • Tuna & Caramelised Onion
  • Green Olive
  • Kalamata Olive
  • Sweet Potato & Cashew
  • Roasted Capsicum with Cashew
  • Moroccan Pumpkin
  • Creamed Beetroot
  • Mediterranean Eggplant
  • Baba Ganoosh
  • Traditional Middle Eastern Hommus 1kg & 2kg
  • Creamed Spinach

Whole Egg Mayonnaise & Aiolis

  • Whole Egg Real Mayonnaise 5kg & 20kg
  • Whole Egg Real Coleslaw Mayonnaise 20kg
  • Aioli Mayonnaise 5kg
  • Aioli with Chilli & Lime 2kg
  • Aioli Smokey Chipotle 2kg

Smoked Salmon & Trout

  • Smoked Salmon 10g, 200g, 500g & 1kg
  • Vic Whole Smoked trout
  • Vic Smoked Trout Fillets 150g
  • Vic Smoked Trout Fillets Horseradish & Dill 100g
  • Vic Smoked Trout Fillets Pepper & Lemon 100g
  • Vic Smoked Trout Fillets Dijon & Chives 100g


Choose a brand you can truly count on. Yumi’s outstanding reputation for quality, innovation and continually evolving is what makes it popular with customers and retailers alike. Suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, delicatessens, greengrocers and vegetarian/gluten free/dairy free/Kosher specialist retailers.


Serve Yumi’s Quality Foods and you will always know you are providing quality. Yumi’s extensive range is suitable for cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets and fits in seamlessly with the cuisines of many cultures.

To enquire further about the gluten free foods offered by Yumi’s, or to place your first order, contact the company by completing the form.


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