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RedZed Gourmet
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Phone 07 5529 1232
Service Area Australia Wide

RedZed Gourmet

Gourmet Gift Basket Supplies

Churning out incredibly delicious chocolates, cookies, protein bites and rocky road, RedZed is a boutique manufacturer of wholesale confectionery and cookies that supplies national companies and smaller businesses alike. Offering a high standard of customer service, quick delivery and products that keep customers coming back for more, they understand the needs of small businesses as they themselves are one.

Made with great pride and premium ingredients, RedZed’s range of cookies are hand decorated and contain 100% pure unsalted butter and fresh eggs. They even dry roast their Australian nuts in-house for the ultimate in freshness and flavour. 

RedZed’s cookie and chocolate range is a perfect addition to any gift hamper due to their outstanding appearance and delicious flavour. They have an excellent shelf life and ship well as part of a well-packed hamper.

With all their products made with premium ingredients including Cadbury chocolate, it’s no wonder that their confectionery is so well received. Their HACCP-certified facility guarantees food quality and safety and additionally, they are members of ICIX, an international organisation that manages food standards for larger companies globally.

Why choose RedZed Gourmet Cookies and Chocolates?

  • RedZed distributes their products Australia-wide.
  • Deal direct with the manufacturer.
  • Enjoy excellent profit margins and purchases from return customers who love the brand.
  • The range offers something for everyone including gluten free and health and fitness devotees.
  • A culture of high customer service ethics. RedZed will always work with customers to meet their needs.
  • A complete range of individually wrapped cookies and chocolates are offered.

Gourmet Hamper Products


  • White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookies
    A blonde macadamia cookie half dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate.
  • Florentines
    A honey toffee smothering almond, pecans and glace cherries.
  • Original Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Just a traditional, all-time favourite chocolate chip cookie you can depend upon.
  • Choc-A-Bloc Cookies
    A chocolate cookie filled with chocolate chips and drizzled with white chocolate.
  • Chocolate Mud & Hazelnut cookies
    Flower-shaped chocolate cookies featuring hazelnuts and drizzled with milk chocolate.
  • Jam Drop Shortbreads
    Cute little flower-shaped shortbread with a button raspberry jam in the middle.
  • Melting Moments
    Buttery shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with a white cream filling.
  • Chewy Caramel Cookies
    Laden with white chocolate chips, this is a delightfully chewy cookie that’s drizzled with caramelised Cadbury white chocolate.
  • Gingerbread Boys & Girls
    A taste of childhood in the shape of children and decorated with sweet faces and costumes.
  • Smarty Party Cookies
    An original Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with Smarties for extra crunch and heaps of fun.
  • Giant Freckles
    A trip back in time to the old corner shop, these are made from delicious Cadbury milk chocolate and topped with hundreds and thousands.
  • Traditional Anzac Biscuits
    Made using the traditional Anzac biscuit ingredients as set out by the Governor General; pure unsalted butter, rolled oats, golden syrup and coconut for starters.


RedZed’s chocolates are fun and tempting, with a little dash of nostalgia.

  • Giant Freckle
    Just like the old corner store favourites but huge! They’re made from delicious Cadbury milk chocolate and topped with colourful hundreds and thousands for that added flavour and crunch.
  • Roasted Peanut Cluster
    Always a favourite for the whole family. RedZed’s Roasted Peanut Clusters contain peanuts that are dry roasted in-house for freshness and flavour. The slight bitterness of the peanuts is balanced by the sweet creaminess of the milk chocolate in which they are enveloped
  • Roasted Peanut Clusters
    In-house dry-roasted whole peanuts smothered in Cadbury milk chocolate.
  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crisp

Sweet peppermint chips add texture and crunch to this product.  Not just for after dinner.

Rocky Road

Oh the indulgent wonder of Rocky Road with its multiple ingredients, each with its own magical flavour.

  • Original Milk & Peanut Rocky Road
    The original flavour with a Cadbury milk chocolate base surrounding quality marshmallows, peanuts, coconut and RedZed’s secret little red sweets.
  • Dark & Macadamia Rocky Road
    A RedZed speciality, it features dark Cadbury chocolate, quality marshmallows, Australian macadamias, coconut and secret red sweets.
  • White & Cashew Rocky Road
    Creamy Cadbury white chocolate base smothers dry roasted cashews, quality marshmallows, coconut and secret red sweets.

Gourmet Protein Bites

RedZed’s Gourmet Protein Bites are the perfect size for a snack, an energy booster and to keep hunger at bay between meals. Gluten free and available in three flavours they are suitable for anyone who enjoys a healthier alternative to lollies and chocolates.

  • Raspberry & Dark Chocolate
  • Pistachio & Cranberry
  • Apricot, Cashew & White Chocolate

Gluten Free Cookies

The range includes gluten free cookies as well in the form of their Florentines and Gourmet Protein Bites.

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